Chapter Fifteen - More About Jay Lawrence

Bridgette turned around and saw that Jane had disappeared. When she looked around, she noticed that Jane was talking to the librarian. So she typed back:

 Jane: Jane's a bit busy talking to the librarian.

Jay: Oh okay. I found you in MySpace and sent you an invitation to become your friend. Sign out of Jane's and sign into yours.

Jane: Okay but she might kill me.


Bridgette signed out of Jane's MySpace and signed into hers. She accepted the invitation to be Jay's friend and continued chatting with him but this time using her account.


Jay: Is that you?

Bridgie: You mean in that photo? Yeah it is me.

Jay: You're pretty.

Bridgie: Thanks! J

Jay: You see that boy with long brown curly hair? That's me!


Bridgette observed the picture. A boy like Jay had described was leaning against this big boat, the wind blowing his hair back. Jay looked like Joe Jonas a bit. His eyes were the squinty type and that sort of made him look cute.


Bridgie: That's you?

Jay: Yeah, why?

Bridgie: No just asking.

Jay: Why else would I have that as a display picture for my chatting?!

Bridgie: So where are you in America?

Jay: Connecticut. I'm going to be joining your academy in a month. The school here sucks. There are teens who take drugs and driving accidents and etc.

Bridgie: CONNECTICUT? That’s pretty cool. Guess why.

Jay: Why???

Bridgie: Because that is where I moved from to come to this school. In fact, today is my first day here!!!

Jay: That's quite interesting. Are you an orphan?


Bridgette made a face. Is that the first thing people are going to ask me when they figure out I study here, she thought.


Bridgie: Ya, I am.

Jay: Me too, that's one of the reasons I'm coming to Tokyo. Because I heard they hold classes.

Bridgie: Cool! It's good to know I'm not alone.

Jay: You have no idea.


Bridgette nearly fell of the chair as the bell rang.


Bridgie: Free period is over so I have to go to my dorm to get supplies for the next class. Bye Jay.

Jay: Bye…Bridgette.


Bridgette logged off and joined Jane walking out of the library. "It seems like you made a new friend with Jay." Jane said grinning. "Yeah, I did. He said he is moving to the academy in a month." "Yeah, he's an orphan too and his grandma just joined the paradise above and she had put some money in her will to him to join this academy. So they are making some preparations for coming here."

Bridgette knew how he felt, having gone through the same situation. They walked in silence to the Student's Building.

The End

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