Chapter Fourteen - Penpals

Bridgette went into her dorm and looked at the clock. 4:35 p.m. The school day was finished and it had been quite a day. Well first, Jane and Bridgette had chosen a book called Redwall by Brian Jacques. Mr. Misaki had suggested it. So Jane had gone to the Library which was in the Special Activities Building.

Well, it seemed like after each class you have a 20 minute break where you go back to your dorms to drink water and put your notebooks in your Independent Study Room. Bridgette had done just that and came back to the Education Building. They had Science next.

Mrs. Leah Haslet was a nice lady. With short blonde hair and a formal way of dressing, she was quite a nice teacher. For science that day she made Bridgette take a short quiz just to see what things she had learnt. Apparently the quiz was just questions of all sorts. Like “how many bones are in the human body” and “what is the meaning of gravity”. Bridgette had gotten 17/20 right. Mrs. Haslet said that she had done a fine job.

Well, Bridgette came back to her dorm and had a drink of water from her water bottle and put her quiz and science notebook on top of her desk in her Independent Study Room. Each period was 40 minutes. At that time when she went to her dorm it was 9:40.  Next was P.E. Mr. Peter was very nice. He gave her the P.E. uniform and then they had to do laps around the field which was pretty big. Mr. Peter let Bridgette just do 3 laps out of 6 as she was new. The whole period was doing the laps! By the time P.E was finished, it was 10:20. She had the 20 minute break.

When she came back, it was 10:40 and during that time it was free period for her class. She had been hanging out with Jane the whole day and had had a fun time with her. “Why not go to the library to surf the internet for sometime?” “Sure!” Bridgette exclaimed. They took the bus to the Special Activities Building and Bridgette followed Jane to the library. The library was huge!!! Bridgette couldn't believe that it had fit in one building. It was stacked with books and videos and computers! She looked at the long tables which stretched across and saw some students studying. She sat next to Jane who logged on to her computer. “I don't have an account registered do I?” “No. Not yet. But you can share with me. ” Jane replied. “No its okay. I don't really have anything to do. ”

Bridgette watched as Jane logged on and went into Facebook. “We're not allowed to do it here, are we?” “We are but you can only do it for like 15 minutes.” “Oh.” Pling. “Jay is now online.” “Ooh, who is Jay???" Bridgette asked with a grin. "No one." Jane said back.

Jay: Hey…

"It doesn't seem like no one. Come on write back. I'll just watch"

Jane: Hey. How are you doing?

Jay: Fine, you?  Stuck in that academy with no one to help. I miss you Jane.

Jane: Oh shut up. Someone is nearby.

Jay: Who is it?

Jane: You want to meet her?

Jay: Sure.


"Come on Bridgette, talk to him." "No way!!! I'm not talking to your boyfriend!" Jane looked back in utter shock. "He's not my boyfriend!" "Oh, who is he?" "My best friend from my old school!" Bridgette sucked in her cheeks and traded seats with Jane.


Jane: Hi.

Jay: Hi again Jane!

Jane: No it's me.

Jay: Your name is me?

Jane: NO! I'm the girl who was sitting next to Jane.

Jay: Oh cool, what's your name?

Jane: Bridgette Hopkins.

Jay: Jay Lawrence.

Jane: Where do you go to school to?

Jay: Well let's just say I'm way back in America.

Jane: Oh that’s too bad since I guess you're good friends with Jane.

Jay: I'm really good friends with her brother too, Raphael… J

Jay: Do you have an account too?

Jane: In MySpace? Yeah I do. Search for Bridgey and you will find me.

Jay: Okay. So I'll see you later…or let's notice it as talk to you later.

Jane: You read my mind. Do you want to talk to Jane?

Jay: I am talking to Jane!!!

Jane: No I meant the real Jane.

Jay: Okay, bye for now.

The End

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