Chapter Thirteen - English Class Has Much More To It Then Ya Think

“Students, we have a new student joining us today.” Mr. Misaki said clearing his throat. He pointed to Bridgette who got up from a desk and went to the front of the class. Everyone stared at her. “Her name is Bridgette Hopkin and she is looking very excited to start her year here.” “Yeah right, like anyone would.” A student whispered.

Mr. Misaki shot a stare at that student and continued saying, “Well, I hope you welcome her warmly to this academy.” Everyone stared at Bridgette when she moved back to her seat. “Is she an orphan?” Asked a girl whose eyes were focused on Bridgette. Bridgette squirmed in her seat. Mr. Misaki noticed this and said, “You’ll know that later.”

He turned his back on the class and said, “I hope you treat her well and not pester her with your questions. Well, let’s move on to the next project.” Everyone took their notebooks from their desks. Mr. Misaki handed one to Bridgette and said, “You’ll have to take notes in this notebook for this class.” He gave her a pen and went back to the front of the class.

He started writing on the whiteboard while he said, “Book Reports.” Then he passed a packet around. Bridgette glanced at the packet. She flipped through and got the details of the project. “You will be working with a partner. Choose your own. This project will be due in 2 weeks and you will present it in front of the class.”

Everyone got up and chose their own partners in a hustle. Boys chose boys while girls chose girls. Everyone chose their own till Bridgette was left with no one. Well this sucks, she thought. I knew this was going to happen. I expected Alexis to pair up with me but I guess she noticed that Madison would also be left alone like me, Bridgette thought glancing at Alexis who was making a very guilty face at Bridgette.

Everyone stared at Bridgette. Mr. Misaki noticed the problem and waited to see what would happen. Bridgette was about to get up and go to Mr. Misaki when suddenly a girl stepped out of the crowd and said, “Want to be partners?” She had long brown hair with traces of blonde in it which looked more like highlights. Bridgette stood still and then said,

“Why not?” A group of girls were standing behind the new friend of Bridgette’s and said, “Jane, you shouldn’t do this. It’s an insult to your reputation. Pairing up with a useless little orphan!”

Mr. Misaki got up and said, “Now girls. You don’t need to use-” “Don’t you dare call her useless!” Boomed 2 voices. The group of girls turned around to see Alexis and Madison come to Bridgette’s rescue. Mr. Misaki waited to see what was going to happen. It looks like Ms. Hopkin has got some friends, he thought. “Why do you have to be so mean?” “Yeah!” Yelled Alexis and Madison. “Guys stop. I want to have a word with these girls myself. I can defend myself when I need to.” Bridgette said.

Everyone backed up seeing Bridgette’s face. Her eyes were getting narrow which usually meant a person was getting real angry. “Uh oh.” Said one of the girls from the group. The boys in the class stared at Bridgette and looked on to see what was going to happen. “What did you just say? Useless little orphan?! Now listen Ms. Know It Alls, don’t you dare call anyone “Useless Little Orphan” you cowards. At least I had the guts to face my parent’s death. If your parents suddenly die, you would understand. There is no difference between me and you!” Bridgette yelled. “So don’t say anything about me being useless. I took care of myself after my parents death. But when your parents die, you will be helpless. Then you will understand.”

The crowd’s face went red as Bridgette confronted them. Mr. Misaki got up and said, “Break the racket. Get back to work guys.” After everyone finally stopped staring at Bridgette, the girl shook Bridgette’s hand and said, “My name is Jane Velvic. Well, do you want to work together on this project?” “I would love to.” Bridgette said, her eyes getting back to normal. “You have quite a fan club.” “Just ignore them. I hate having a fan club. I mean, I’m normal.”

Jane and Bridgette sat down in an area where there were cushions. “Did you say your name was Jane Velvic?” “Yup, why?” “You must be Raphael’s sister! That’s why you have a fan club!” Bridgette exclaimed. “So, let’s read Step 1 from the packet Mr. Misaki gave. You read.” Jane said changing the topic. “Okay, Step 1: Choose A Book. First you have to choose a book to read with your partner…”

The End

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