Chapter Twelve - Mr. Misaki

The Orphans class was big. She saw a big table in the front and small little desks behind. And on the farthest left end of the class, there was a little corner where they had put beanbags and books and more stuff. And on the right of that, they had a little kitchen. There were so many portions of the room.

“Yes, how can I help you?” Bridgette looked at the big table in front and saw a man with light brown hair sitting down, laptop in front of him. He had an earring in one ear and was wearing a T-shirt over a jeans pant. “Um, well… I’m the new student. I just thought I can explore here or you know, do things what new students do.” The teacher grinned and said, “Bridgette Hopkin, I was waiting for you. Before the school day starts, which is about in 20 minutes, I need to talk to you.”

Bridgette walked deeper into the room and sat down on one of the desks. He got up and wrote his name on the white board. Mr. Misaki. “I will teach you music and this class. And here is the schedule.” He handed Bridgette a paper with a table on it. Bridgette glanced at it while he continued talking, “School days are Monday to Friday. You have to wake up at about 7:00 a.m.  School will start at 8:00 a.m. In the weekends, you can sleep till maximum 11:00 a.m.”

“You can hang out with your friends on the weekends. Your sleep times on the weekends are latest 1:00 p.m. Your sleep times on the school days are latest 10:00 p.m. Your school day finishes at 4:00 p.m. You can do study hall and more. I can’t tell you everything now but read this guide today. That’s your homework from this class.” He said winking.

Mr. Misaki handed her a book called, “Tokyo’s International Boarding Academy”. “You will learn more about the schools regulations when you read that book.” Bridgette nodded in approval. “Ms. Hopkin, can you do me a favor?” “Sure Mr. Misaki.”

“Go to the art class on the 7th grade floor and hand this box please.” Mr. Misaki gave a light weighted box to Bridgette and said, “Tell the teacher my name.” Bridgette went out of the room and saw the staircase. She went down the staircase to the 7th grade floor. She searched for the art room. When she went inside, she saw 2 big tables. She also saw an attached room labeled, “Store Room”.

Bridgette saw the teacher sitting down on a chair and drawing something in a notebook. “Mr. Misaki wanted me to give this to you.” She put the box down in front of the teacher. “Oh thanks.” The teacher replied. He had long black hair and was wearing a full sleeved T-shirt and jeans.

Bridgette went back outside and went up the staircase. But she didn’t notice the person coming down and bumped into him hard. She screamed as she fell down the stairs but felt some strong arms catch hold of her arm. Bridgette opened one eye and noticed a boy with brown hair holding her arm. He pulled her back to balance herself and said, “That was close. I’m so sorry. I could have killed you.” He said.

Bridgette said, “No, it’s nothing. I’m alright.” “Nothing?” A boy said passing them. “You both were blind idiots.” The boy said laughing at them and continued to go down the stairs. “Well, my name is Bridgette.” “Oh hi. My name is Kazuki Hino.” They shook hands and then he said, “I guess you’re the new student. You better go to whatever class you have first.” Bridgette nodded. She waved goodbye and went to the English class.       

The End

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