Chapter Eleven - Exploring the Education Building

The Education Building was pretty big. The first thing you see when you come inside is a long hall that seems to stretch on forever. But when you look to your left you see another long strip of space. She walked around and noticed it was like a square. 4 strips, containing classes, bathrooms, and more. And on each end of a strip, there was a board saying “1st Grade Hall - Elementary”.  

But right in the middle of the “square”, there was a staircase that went in zigzags. She went up the staircase and saw another hall just like the other one. Except this one had boards saying, “2nd Grade Hall - Elementary”.

But as she explored each “strip”, she also saw an elevator. She went inside and heard the elevator announce, “You are in the Elementary area of the 2nd Grade Hall.” Bridgette looked at the buttons. There were 3 groups; Elementary, Middle School, and High School. Under the Elementary group were the buttons: 1st grade, 2nd grade and so on. The same sort of system was under the other groups.

Bridgette looked under the Middle School group and pressed the button labeled “8th grade”. “You are now proceeding to the Middle School area, 8th grade hall.” Announced the elevator. Bridgette felt the excitement rise in her. I can’t believe I finally made it to this school. I thought all this time it was just a dream, she thought. She got out as the doors flipped open and looked around.

Same square like the others, this floor was already filled with students. She walked around the square, looking at each door. History, English, Science, and so on. But she stopped when she saw the class named, “Orphans Class”. She knocked on the door and went inside.

The End

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