Chapter Ten - Beginnings Of The First Day

Bridgette opened her eyes as she felt the sun rays hitting her.

Melinda had opened the curtain and yelled, “GOOD MORNING!”

Alexis stood up and stretched. Bridgette got up and looked at the clock opposite their beds.

7:00 a.m. Wasn’t that just great, she thought.

“Wakey- wakey Bridgette,” Melinda said, “You better get up and get prepared for your first day of school. Open your closet and you’ll find your uniform.”

Bridgette and Alexis got up and went to the bathroom. They yawned and started brushing their teeth.

After five minutes, Bridgette came out the bathroom and said, “I’ll take a quick shower, you guys. Then I won’t be late for the first day of school.”

Alexis nodded but Melinda said, “There is another bathroom. I’ll go take a bath there.”

Bridgette went inside and took a fast warm shower and came out with her bathrobe on as she heard Melinda screaming her head off singing Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne in the other bathroom. Alexis must really hate that, she thought with a grin.

“Okay. Ready to see your uniform?” Alexis asked.

 Bridgette nodded. Alexis grabbed something out of the closet and said, “Open your eyes.”

Bridgette opened her eyes as she saw the uniform. “For chrissake, I AM NOT GONNA WEAR THAT!” She screamed. The uniform was a miniskirt and short top. The miniskirt was blue and was having crease lines and the top was black except for a big V across it which was in blue.

“You have to. I was fussing about it when I was the new student.” Alexis said. “Okay. I’ll wear it.” Bridgette said. Bridgette went back into the bathroom and changed. When she came back out, Alexis said, “You look-um- different.” “Well…thanks for the compliment!” Bridgette said rolling her eyes.

How long will it take you guys to get ready?” “Probably one hour.” Alexis said. “With someone like her around, she uses nearly all the time to put her beautiful make up and look good!” “Well then, I guess I will have to go to class alone.” “You know the way?” Alexis asked. Bridgette nodded and said, “The bus will come in about 40 minutes. Till then, I’ll explore.”

Bridgette took out her comb from the drawer and sat down in the chair. She combed her hair and left it loose. Bridgette took the dorm keys from the desk next to her bed and went out of the room. She went down the stairs this time, thinking that she might end up in the boys’ area again if she went in the elevator. When she reached the main hall, she went outside and noticed some students walking.

She tapped a boy that was walking in front of her on his shoulder and asked, “Can you please tell me where the Education Building is?” The boy turned around. He had bluish black hair and was wearing the school uniform for boys which seemed to be pants with a T-shirt with a V on it (just like theirs). Except the V on his uniform was golden colored. He stared at her. “You’re a new student?” he asked. Bridgette nodded. “Well, I’m going to the Education Building so you can come with me.”

They walked on while Bridgette asked, “So, what’s your name?” “My name is Len Kumori.” “Nice name. My name is Bridgette.” She replied. “What grade are you in?” he asked her. “8th. You?” “I’m a senior. 10th grade.” “So, are you in the musical program?” “How do you know about that?” Len asked her glancing down. Apparently, Len was like really tall. Compared to him, she’s was like a mouse. “Well, Raphael told me. He’s in your grade right?”

“Oh him. Yeah, he’s in my grade. Well, to get back to the musical program, yes I am part of it. I play the violin.” “Cool!” She said. They continued walking but didn’t talk to each other. “Well here we are. Thanks.” Bridgette said glancing up at the tall building. She reached out her arm and waited for him to shake it. Len looked down at the hand, shoved his arms into his pockets and walked coolly into the building.

That didn’t go that well, Bridgette thought. But she ignored the fact and went into the building.

The End

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