Chapter Nine - Comfort

Meanwhile, Bridgette had gone out the cafeteria and had sat down on the benches in the garden of the cafeteria. A tear fell down on her knee. Bridgette felt her face go wet and put her head on her lap and mourned. It was all my fault, she thought. It was all my fault for their deaths.

Bridgette couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t belong in this world. She didn’t belong here. Why did God leave me alive? He might as well have taken my life along with my parents! Bridgette thought. Now I have the punishment of feeling guilty all my life for what I had done.

Bridgette looked up as she heard the footsteps coming towards her and a voice asking “Are you okay?”

Bridgette looked up to see a boy wearing jeans and a full sleeved T-shirt coming towards her and sat down.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Bridgette mumbled.

“Okay. Well, my name is Toby. Toby Kazak,” he said brushing back his long brown hair.

“My name is Bridgette.”

“Well, I’ll see you later. Have something important to do,” he said grinning. Bridgette nodded.

She watched him as he got up and left. Bridgette felt the moment that he came, a comforting presence. Like she was protected. But as he left, she got up and walked towards the Student’s Building. She again thought of her parents and the cause of their deaths.

As she saw The Student’s Building ahead, she hurried in and went up to her dorm. She opened her luggage and took out all her clothes and put it in her closet. After she arranged everything, she took out her night dress and put it on. She threw herself on the bed and stared up at the ceiling, thinking how hard this school was gonna be.

The End

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