Chapter Eight - Cafeteria

“Well, in our “special class” we…”

“We?” Alexis and Bridgette asked.



“We learn to cook,” Madison said brightly.

“THAT’S IT?!?!” Bridgette and Alexis exclaimed.

“No, we also have to learn to take care of ourselves. Like bank accounts and house care.”

“Why couldn’t you have told it was just this before?” Alexis asked.

“That’s what I’m doing now!” Madison said.” Well at least we know-”

The car stopped. Everyone started getting up and out of the bus. They were there.    

The Cafeteria Building was small but cozy. As they entered the building, they felt the change of air. From the hot and humid sun into the cool and freezing AC was a big transformation. The cafeteria was huge in the inside. There were like 3 floors, each containing probably like 100 tables. Some people were sitting on the stairs. Others were sitting on the tables with their friends.

“Man, am I hungry!” Madison said patting her stomach.

Alexis held on to Bridgette’s wrist and they joined the line.

“Well at least today they have my favorite. Spaghetti!” Bridgette said.

When they got to the front of the line, each of them got a tray. As they passed the counter, Bridgette took spaghetti and meatballs, soup and some more stuff. Man, this is probably the best meal of my life after mom and dad’s death, she thought. But Bridgette’s face grew white when she remembered the horrifying memory.

She shook her head and took extra spaghetti and joined Madison and Alexis on a table on the far right corner.

“So, how is life going?” Madison asked Bridgette.

“Maddie, is that all you can say?”

Madison grinned.

“Bridge, do you have any questions about this school?” Alexis asked.

“Actually, yes. How strict are the teachers?”

“Well, nearly all the teachers are Japanese. Only 4 of them are Americans. But we have to refer to them as “sensei” which is the Japanese way of saying teacher,” Madison explained.

“There is Jinno-sensei. He is like really strict. He has this stick he hits us with if we do bad things in class.”

“Like what?”

"Like… you know the usual. Disrespecting teachers and stuff like that,” Alexis replied, “He teaches Biology.”

“Then there is Misaki-sensei. He is the kindest of them all. He is the one who teaches the “special class” and music and also language arts,” Madison said, “And then there is-”

“Enough of the teachers. Next topic.”

“Who is Raphael Velvic? What’s his background story?”

“Raphael’s father was the owner of this school as well as the principal. He had died from cancer and in his will he had wrote that the school is now his son’s property. Raphael’s mother ordered Raphael to become the principal of the school as well as a student,” Madison narrated.

“Okay. Are there any festivals?” Bridgette asked.

“Well of course! There is prom and-”

Alexis cleared her throat.

“Can I talk please?”

Madison nodded and sunk down in her chair.

“As she was saying, there is Prom Night and The Halloween Dance. Those are the most popular. They have the Valentines Dance, Homecoming Party and much more.”

“For Father’s Day and Mother’s Day we prepare cards and send it to our parents-” Madison said but was interrupted when she felt a stabbing pain in her ribs.

Alexis had nudged her there as she saw Bridgette’s face changing. 

“WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?” Alexis hissed at Madison.

“Well, I didn’t know she would be that affected by what I-”

“It’s okay you guys,” Bridgette said forcing a smile.

Alexis and Madison breathed a sigh of relief. But in Bridgette’s mind, the terrible accident that had happened to her and her parents kept revolving in her mind. The flashing lights, the screams of her parents, the fall… NO! I have to forget about that memory! Bridgette thought as she finished her lunch and left.

Alexis looked worriedly at Bridgette as Madison asked, “Do you think we should go with her?”

Alexis shook her head and said, “I think she needs to be alone for a while.”

Madison nodded and continued eating.

The End

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