Chapter Seven - Meet Maddie

Bridgette felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around.

A girl with long black hair and black eyes said, “Hi! I’m Madison! I heard what you guys were talking about. She is right. Boarding school is just so fun.”

“Oh thanks. I’m Bridgette.”

“I heard that you were an orphan. Is that true?”

Bridgette turned her head back to face the seat in front of her and thought, not this topic again!

“Do you have a problem with that?” Alexis asked.

“No it’s just I’m sorry to hear about your parents death. I know how it feels.”

Bridgette turned around quickly.

“You do?”

“Yup, in fact I’m the other orphan in this bus.”

Bridgette felt good. She wasn’t abandoned anymore. She had a feeling that others around her also felt the way she did.

“So, do you want to eat lunch with us today?” Alexis asked.

“Sure!” Madison replied.

 Madison grinned and said, “I know you will like this school, it’s like one of the best in Tokyo.”

“I will, with you guys around,” Bridgette said smiling warmly.

Bridgette looked out the window as they drove to the cafeteria.

“Are the buildings like far away from each other?”

“Sort of that’s why we’re using the bus,” Alexis said.

“In fact, the school is inside The Western Forest,” Madison replied.

“The Western Forest?”

“The Western Forest is one of the four forests in Tokyo. There is the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Forest. The whole school is as big as The Western Forest which is like big!” Madison explained. “You probably think there are only buildings in this school, but there are like two playgrounds, one swimming pool, three tennis courts, one basketball court, two volley-”

“I get the point,” Bridgette interrupted Madison.

“Madison, how many years have you been in this school?”

“This is my 5th year. By the way, just call me Maddie.”

“Okay… Maddie, so did you take those “special classes”?”

Bridgette asked. It seemed like Melinda had been eavesdropping on this conversation. She leaned over to hear more but Alexis pushed her face back in.

“I’m not really supposed to tell this to you guys, especially her,” Madison said pointing at Alexis.

“The name’s Alexis.”

“Okay. So yeah. You guys promise me you won’t tell this to anyone.”

Bridgette and Alexis nodded.

“Well, in our “special class” we…”

The End

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