Chapter Six - Bus Ride

Bridgette noticed that she must be in the boy’s area of the Student’s Building. She was wondering how she got there. Well, let me see… maybe instead of thinking about how I got here, maybe I should think about how I’m going to get out of here. Maybe girls are not allowed here, she thought. But as she walked through the crowd of boys, no one seemed to care.

Probably girls are allowed, she thought. Bridgette saw the entrance to the boy’s area of the building and managed to get out without being questioned. When she got out, she noticed a big yellow bus labeled “Cafeteria Bus”. As she was thinking about how to get to the girls area of the Student’s Building.

But right when she was about to walk away, out of the bus came Alexis.

“Where were you?! We had thought you had already gotten into the bus when we came downstairs. At least I did,” she said glaring at Amanda.

“Well, I got onto the elevator and-”

“Not now. Later.”

Alexis grabbed Bridgette’s hand and lead her through the bus and they sat down together on a seat. Melinda was sitting opposite them.

She was looking at Bridgette straight in the eye and announced, “The girl sitting next to Alexis is the new student, folks.”

Everyone turned around and saw Bridgette.

“Whoa, that’s the new student!!!”

“She’s the orphan.”

“Hey, what goes on in that “special class” of yours?”

“EVERYONE SHUT UP!” Yelled Alexis.

The stream of voices quieted down.

“Just wait till class, okay? Then you will know more about her.”  

“Then how come you already got introduced to her?” Asked a girl sitting next to Melinda.


“Because she’s my best friend. We used to be neighbors in Connecticut. Okay?” Bridgette said

Hearing this, everyone turned back to their seats.

“Whoa. Was that a call for trouble!” Bridgette whispered.

“James would’ve probably told you that they were excited to see you.”

Bridgette nodded.

“But, are these kids gonna hate me since I’m – I’m different?”

“Of course not. They won’t hate you! Look, they will just be curious to see what you do in your class. They won’t hate you! Of course not!”

“BUT I WILL!” Stormed Melinda.

Alexis gave a piercing stare at Melinda and said, “Don’t worry, Bridge. It’s gonna be alright.”

“Okay. Thanks Alexis.”

The driver started the engine. It looked like the bus was full of students. Bridgette turned around to see another cafeteria bus behind theirs and students getting into them.

“It seems like you don’t wear uniforms in this school, that’s good,” Bridgette said.

“We do except not when we go to the cafeteria.”

“Oh. Um – so do you like this school? I mean boarding, staying away from your parents, uniform life?”

“Of course! No parents for one school year is like all the fun in the world.”


The End

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