Chapter Five - New Friends

She pressed the button and felt her stomach go up as the elevator started going the opposite direction. When the elevator doors slid open, Bridgette frowned. She saw boys walking up the marble staircase and lockers located under it. No girls were seen. ALL BOYS!

A boy with long blonde hair was opening his locker.

Bridgette went to him and asked, “Excuse me, uh can you help me?”

He opened his locker, looked at her and said, “Well sure. But first I need to help myself.”


But Bridgette realized what he was talking about when she saw the big cut on his arm.

“Oh god! Do you have any bandages?”

“Yeah, inside my locker.”

Bridgette shoved her hand inside and searched for a bandage. When she felt the plastic substance, she grabbed it and put it quickly on the cut.

Meanwhile, the boy had been staring at her. Did she just touch me, he thought.

“There. Now I hope that feels better. You better go to the nurse. The bandage won’t keep long.”

Bridgette said looking into the boy’s blue eyes. His eyes were wide open and he was frozen…He didn’t say anything.

"Um-hello?” Bridgette said passing her hand before his eyes.

 He jumped.

 “Yeah, I’ll get going. Um do you need any help?”  

 “No, it’s okay. You better go quickly before the cut gets worse.”

 “Yeah okay.”

 The boy started walking away when Bridgette tapped his shoulder and asked, “Just one more thing. Can I just know your name?”

 The boy turned around and said, “Uh my name? Alex, Alexander um either one.”

 “Oh thanks. My name is Bridgette.  You’re in 8th grade right?” Alexander nodded. “I’ll see you in class then.”

 “Yeah, bye.”

The End

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