Chapter Four - Best Friends Reunite

They walked out the room. Bridgette locked the door and they went back to the stairway and went down to the entrance of the Student’s Building. James seemed to have dozed off. As Bridgette got into the car she pressed the horn button and immediately James woke up in an instant and straightened his hair and suit as he saw Raphael approach.

Bridgette grinned and whispered to James, “You better be awake next time.  I can’t be there to save you all day.” 

James grinned back and got the engine started.

“What place next?”  James asked Raphael.

“Let’s go to the Education Building.” 

They continued their tour and after seeing all the buildings, James drove back to the Student’s Building and they both got out.

“You better go up to your dorm and change and come back with your roommates. The bus to the Cafeteria will be coming soon.”

Bridgette nodded and went into the building. Raphael stayed back and leaned against the car. Man, I hate taking the new student’s on these tours. Except this one is a bit – different from the others, he thought.

James rolled the window down and asked, “Mr. Velvic, let’s get going to the Teacher’s Building.” He got into the car and said, “Call me Raphael.”   


Bridgette went back through her memories of the tour. First going to the dorm and asking Raphael those questions. When she had gone through the Education Building, she remembered seeing a few students taking special classes. The Special Activities Building was full of mainly boys. She saw the basketball court, rock climbing and started getting desire of starting school.

 Bridgette started going up the marble stairs again and thought, Alexis is gonna be SO happy to see me! She will be SO surprised! I hope she’s back from her “special class”. When she traced her steps back to her dorm, she put in the key and quietly opened the door.

Before she even put her leg inside, a voice said, “It’s just a matter of time.”

Bridgette scurried in to see Alexis sitting down on the middle bed, looking gorgeous as usual.

Bridgette came running towards Alexis and knocked her down on the bed and cried, “Alexis!!!! I feel so good seeing your happy bright face.”

“And I hate it that your slobbering all over me,” replied Alexis.

Bridgette got up and looked down at Alexis. Alexis had put her long blonde hair in a ponytail and was wearing a red shirt with the words “LOVE YOU!” and a short black skirt. Her blue eyes went over Bridgette and seemed to be saying “I’m going to cry!”  

“Wait a minute! How did you know I was coming? It was supposed to be a surprise!”

“They always report if someone new is coming to this dorm. But who cares? At least now we’re together!”

"Enough of the happy reunions, already!” Grunted a new voice.

 Bridgette turned around to see a blonde haired girl wearing jeans and a purple shirt.

“And who are you supposed to be?” Bridgette asked.

“Bridgette, remember I told you in my letters there was a brat who was my roommate? Well that’s her!”

“For a minute I thought I was only going to have one idiot living with me! Now another one has joined!”

“Now hold on ladies!” Bridgette said.

Alexis looked sarcastically at Bridgette and asked, “Ladies?”

“Okay. Um – hold on girls!”  

“Don’t HOLD ON me!!! I’ve already gotten a pest living with me. WHY did you have to come?!” The girl shouted.

“Melinda, don’t you dare call her a pest!”

Bridgette covered her ears as Alexis and Melinda started fighting. It was like a mouse and cat fight. Whoa, was that such a happy reunion with an old friend, she thought rolling her eyes. Bridgette walked out the room, key in her hand and searched for the elevator.

When she saw it at the dead end at her right, she got into it and looked at the buttons.

“Hmm. Let me see. Oh there. Ground Floor.”

The End

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