Chapter Three - Welcome To Your Residence

Bridgette noticed the other set of stairs that led up and up finally to the place they had been seeking.

“This is just great!” muttered Bridgette, “Not another staircase! Just another beginning to another restless task!”

Raphael, hearing what she had said, replied, “No, it’s just like 5 stairs and we’re up and about to your dorm hall.”

Bridgette sighed.

When they finally ended the “restless task”, Bridgette finally started relaxing again. She noticed the dark carpet with the name “Tokyo’s International Boarding Academy” across it showing a big school.

She looked up at the posters put on the dark black walls of the hall and asked, “So, where is my dorm?”

“Umm, well you have to search for it. I want to see how good you are in navigation,” Raphael said.

Bridgette sighed. That’s just plain old stupid, he’s not my teacher, Bridgette thought, and looked around for a door carved with the number 321 on it. She noticed the other doors with a golden plate stuck on the dark brown wood with the number carved. Bridgette looked around for a sign saying some directions but nothing came for the answers to her questions.

Bridgette walked on till she met a dead end. She stared at the similar dark black marble carved in bright white saying “Rooms 300-310” with an arrow pointing to the left. The other sign on the right of it said “Rooms 310-320” with an arrow pointing to the right. Bridgette walked to the right pathway and again saw a dead end except with the signs “Rooms 320-330” with an arrow pointing to the right and “Rooms 330-340” with an arrow pointing to the left. Bridgette moved to the right and turned around to see a golden plate with the number 321 engraved on it.

Raphael had been following her all along and looked on as Bridgette inserted the key and opened the door slowly. Bridgette quietly crept in but to her disappointment found no one.

“Alexis must be in class.”

“But it’s 5:00 pm now. She can’t be having classes now!” Bridgette moaned.

“No but she must be taking the special music class.”

“Huh? What are those?”

“Well, this academy is also a musical academy. Some students who are interested for taking classes on music join a special band and later on compete against other schools. If our school wins, then all of us go against each other and they get judged by music professors and many others. The winner gets a scholarship and well, they can use it for next year for a more professional musical class.”

“Whoa! So you mean that Alexis is part of this so called “band”?”

“Not sure,” said Raphael shrugging.

“She might be taking another extra class like Science or Math.”

“Oh,” Bridgette said sighing, “I thought I would actually see her again but it seems like I won’t.”

“You will but not now.” Raphael said.

Bridgette realized that till now Raphael still hadn’t smiled one bit at her. Why?

“Take a look at your dorm. Do you like it?”

“Of course I would. I mean with Alexis sleeping right next to me, it would be like a sleep over with my best friend for eternity,” Bridgette said grinning.

So that’s why she was so excited by the mention of Alexis Jordan, thought Raphael.

 Bridgette noticed the big room with an attached bathroom on the left of the door. She opened it and entered the bathroom.

 Raphael was about to follow her in but before he could Bridgette cleared her throat and said, “Uh, girls need some privacy. No boys in girls’ bathrooms.”

Raphael stopped in his tracks and said, “Sorry. I thought it was the Independent Studying Room.”

“What is that?” Bridgette asked as she stared at the rich colored paintings on the wall and the luxurious look of the bathroom itself.

“It’s your private room. There are 3 of them for each person.”

Bridgette stepped out of the bathroom and looked on at the 3 beds each after another.

She jumped on one of them and said, “So, um are you gonna tell me more about yourself instead of the academy?”

Bridgette was getting used to Raphael’s personality and was starting to get comfortable of asking a lot of questions. But she looked on at Raphael as his expression changed to alarm.

“Why would you be interested in learning about me?”

“Look Mr. Velvi-”

“Call me Raphael,” he interrupted.

“Look…Raphael, I’m a girl with a lot of curiosity and eager to become friends with everyone. I want to know more about you. I became with friends with James, and now I want to with you. Is that disturbing you?”

There was complete silence.

Bridgette waited for Raphael’s answer when he finally stammered, “Well, I am uh I think you should um no it’s not disturbing me except… do you think we should get going to the next building?”

Bridgette looked on at Raphael. She had learned that he was disturbed by her in some way and she was planning to figure out why.

“Why not?” She replied.

The End

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