Chapter Two - Up The Stairs

“We are going to go on a tour now. Wait. Let me call James and then he can take us on a little ride around the school.”

Raphael took his phone and clicked 2.

“James Stewart speaking.”

“James, get your car and come to the front of the Teacher’s Building. I’m taking a new student on a tour.”

“Yes sir.”

As Bridgette and Raphael walked towards the exit, Raphael said, “There are many buildings. There is the Teacher’s Building, Student’s Building and the Caf-”

“Excuse me sir. I already know each building and what they’re for. James told me.”

“Oh.”, replied the principal.

James stood waiting and opened a car door as he saw them coming.

As they got into his car Raphael said, “Drive to the Student’s Building.”

James nodded and said, “Ok, sir.”

When they arrived at the Student’s Building, Bridgette noticed the secretive look of the school as if though it was special. The Student’s Building looked like a 3 storey building and was not thin. Expanded was the right word.

“You will be staying in the Student’s Building with your fellow roommates,” Raphael said as he got out of the car, “In the Student’s Building there is the activities of Study Hall, Dormitories and separate rooms if you want to do Study Hall with certain people. Study Hall is a big room with long tables. Probably 50 students on each table. There are certain rules for Dormitories. For instance, you have to go to bed by about 9:30. You can, in the weekends, stay up till like 12:00. But when it comes to Light’s Off Time, you will have to go to sleep.”

“Your room number is 321 and here is the key.”

Raphael handed her a golden key with the number 321 engraved on it.

“Your roommates are Alexis Jordan and Melinda Fraise. They also have a key. Well, that’s about it.”

“DID YOU SAY ALEXIS JORDAN?!” Squealed Bridgette.

“Yes, why?!” Raphael asked with a quizzical look on his face.

“I HAVE TO GO TO MY DORM NOW!!!” Bridgette pleaded to Raphael.

“We are supposed to go there anyway.”

From the outside, the Student’s Building was like a 4 story building. It was painted bright yellow and was surrounded by a beautiful garden. The school itself is inside a big forest, thought Bridgette. It’s like the school is the forest. It’s inside it but the forest doesn’t enter anything after the golden gate. As they got out of the car, Bridgette realized it was gonna be a whole new beginning when she enters the school.

Bridgette walked into the main hall of the Student’s Building and noticed the lavish paintings on the ceiling and the marble stairs that went in a circle to the top of the building.

“Wow!” She said.

They climbed up the marble stairs as Raphael said, “The Girls Dorm’s and the Boy’s Dorms are split in different areas. To go to the Boy’s Dorms, you have to walk up the stairs on the other side of this building. You can use the elevator too.”

Bridgette climbed up the marble stairs, her hand following along on the slippery marble carvings of the banister. Raphael continued their endless journey up the stairs when they reached a couple of stairs connected and stopped.

 “Here are room numbers 1-100,” he said pointing to the black marble which shone out the words “Rooms 1-100”.

Bridgette noticed that the marble stairs still continued up but there was a few stairs that connected to the marble ones and lead to the big hall.

“Your room number is 321 so we still have to continue climbing up a bit.”

Bridgette sighed and slithered up slowly, feeling her energy getting drained with each and every step up.

They passed another big hall like the one before except the black marble now said, “200-300”.

“Only some more…” Bridgette mumbled to herself trying to persuade herself to not give up.

Raphael turned around to check if Bridgette was keeping up and noticed she was 10 steps behind.

“These might be a cluster of stairs but you have to try to make it to the top.”

Dang it, why couldn’t we go on the elevator, thought Bridgette.

Bridgette dragged herself up to Raphael’s feet while asking, “Why did you stop continuing our journey?”

“Well, it seems like we finally reached our destination,” he said.

The End

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