Chapter One - The Meaning Of The Word "Young"

“Attention please! Bridgette Hopkin, proceed to the principal’s office. I repeat, proceed to the principal’s office.”

The speakers rang out the message as Bridgette ran towards the teacher’s building. Her dark scarlet red hair flew after her as her long red skirt flew in the air along with her hair. Bridgette Hopkin is a 14 year old girl who has brown eyes and dark red hair that reaches a little bit more than her shoulder. She is a bit short and could easily clash against a boy not seeing his face. Bridgette is an orphan that lived with her grandmother after her parent’s car accident. But unexpectedly, a heart attack had killed the only person left in her family.

All she had after that was her best friend and property that now belonged to her. She also received the money that her parents had been saving for her which was pretty much a lot. She knew that her parent’s didn’t leave the world, wanting to see Bridgette be uneducated. So she gave half the money to a boarding school where she was to learn with her best friend.

Alexis Jordan studied in Tokyo Boarding Academy. She and Bridgette had spent 2 years together in the same school in Connecticut. But then her parents had to transfer to Tokyo as for their work. When Alexis heard about Bridgette’s parent’s death, she started sending lots of letters to her to see what was happening. But Bridgette had not revealed the delighting news of her arrival to Alexis.

The Boarding School had heard about the death of Bridgette’s parents so they had decided to pay for the airplane travel to Tokyo. Bridgette had been grateful for this. She had decided to say her thanks to the principal.

Bridgette quickly hurried through the teacher’s building.  When she finally saw a board saying Principal’s Office, she banged the door open, closed her eyes and while trying to catch her breath, said, “I’m extremely sorry Mr. Principal for suddenly barging into your room like that. I-” she opened her dark brown eyes and stared open-mouthed.

A boy of about 15 years old was sitting down behind a large desk. He was wearing jeans and a buttoned shirt. His legs were on top of the table and he was wearing a cap. All Bridgette could see was long brown hair.

“Who are you? What are you do-? Look Mr., the principal might come in any minute and you might get in trouble. So… I think you should get going,” Bridgette said.

He lifted his cap revealing his sparkly blue eyes and said dully as if he had said this so many times that he was sick and tired of it, “I am the principal.”

Bridgette backed away. “I – I – I am extremely sorry for um criticizing you,” She said putting in a nervous giggle after each word. “It’s just that you look so – so um”

“young?” the boy said glancing at Bridgette now and then.

He looked at her long red skirt and the short full sleeve green top she was wearing. This girl was gonna have a HARD time in this school, he thought. But he continued the argument.

“Look, I am young. But you have to admit that I’m the principal. You believe me right?”

“No. I mean yes. I mean no. No I mean yes,” Bridgette stuttered.

“Whatever it is, I’m Raphael Velvic. We welcome you to Tokyo’s International Boarding Academy!” He said getting up and shaking her hand.

Bridgette didn’t get it. How did this boy study if he was the principal?

The End

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