Clunk! Bridgette lifted her luggage and put it on the trolley.

“Ok. So I have 2 hand-baggages and I have to pick up 1 more luggage.”

She waited in the luggage ring so she can seize hers and get going to the academy. I have in total 5 bags to carry! , she thought. How am I supposed to handle this?

“Do you need any help ma’am?”

Bridgette turned around to see an airhostess. She smiled brightly at Bridgette. Talk about special attention, she thought. The airhostess’ had been keeping an eye on her in the plane and had been following her everywhere.

“Actually, yes. Can you take this trolley?” Bridgette asked.

“Yes, of course!” The airhostess said smiling.

Bridgette turned around to see her red American Tourister bag coming towards her direction. She heaved it over to the trolley and said, “It’s quite a weight.”

“It seems like it,” the airhostess said.

The airhostess was a Japanese woman but she had an excellent American accent. They had been flying in British Airways and she was the one who seemed to be instructed to be Bridgette’s “special guide”.  

“Well, I guess it’s over,” Bridgette said as they both walked over to the exit inside the giant sized airport.

“What?” the airhostess asked.

“My journey to get to Tokyo.”

The airhostess smiled. Seriously, are they trained to smile as brightly as they can and make sure their teeth are perfect, thought Bridgette.

But as they walked out the airport, she noticed a man in a black suit walking towards them and asked, “Are you Bridgette Hopkin?”

Bridgette nodded. The man looked like he was in his 20’s and had brown hair which he had brushed back using his hair gel. His expression was business like and he didn’t seem to be interested in anything except to get going.

“I’ve been waiting for you for ages! Get inside the car,”

The man said holding the door open and then nodded at the airhostess. He took the trolley from her and put the bags in the trunk of the car.

When they got into the car, the man said, “My name is James Stewart. The whole academy is excited to see the new student.”

“Don’t many students come and join the academy?”

“Yes but your one of the few who is an orphan.”

Bridgette raised her eyebrow.

“Are you saying that orphans are treated differently?”

“Not exactly but they get special training.”

“For what?”

“Well, they have to learn to take care of themselves for the rest of their childhood. They have to learn not to depend on others but to depend on themselves. But no one really knows what goes on in that class.”

Hmm. I wonder how other students are going to treat me since I’m an orphan. , thought Bridgette. Am I going to be a popular person and have fan clubs or am I going to have secret revulsion from other kids? Whatever it is, I’m going to stay in the academy and I know Alexis will protect me.

“Identification please,” a guard in front of a large golden gate asked James.

James shoved his hand into his pocket and showed a small card and the man nodded as the gate opened and James drove through.

“The academy is big. There are many different buildings. There is the Teacher’s Building, Student’s Building, Education Building, Cafeteria and the Special Activities Building,” James said.

“The Teacher’s Building is where the staff rooms are and stuff like that. The Student’s Building is where the dorms are for the entire student population. The Education Building is where they hold your classes. And the Special Activities, gym, auditorium and things like that. The Cafeteria, you already know what it is by the sound of it,” James said grinning.

Bridgette looked out the window. Her eyes widened as she saw the tall trees that seemed to go on forever into the sky.

“There’s still more surprises for you,” James said.

“I better get going Mr. Stewart. Can you just tell me where the Teacher’s Building is?”

“You see that tall one with green paint? That is the Teacher’s Building,” he said pointing.

“Thanks. Bye,” said Bridgette.        

Well here goes.

The End

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