Beyond Her Understanding - Clueless Intimacy

Bridgette Hopkin is a new student in Tokyo's International Boarding Academy. Bridgette's whole family is extinct making her be the only one. She gathers up courage and tries to get through the difficulties of the academy as well as experience the good parts. The academy is mainly known as a musical academy. Each student either has to choose if they want to attend the school normally or have a special class to learn music. Bridgette's best friend notices that Bridgette has a good voice. Seeing t

Hi there! :)

I'm happy you're here to read this story. If I may ask, how did you find it? Summary or excerpt or heard it from someone else? Well let me stop the chitter chatter and get to the point. *grin*

Beyond Her Understanding is actually a series of books that I started writing when I was ten years old. It's the "youngest" story I have as it is one of my first works that I tooke quite seriously. Since I had much less experience as a writer when I was ten, I guess you could say that my voice and the style of writing might differ in this book as it does from recent ones.

Nevertheless, here's the first installment in the series. It actually isn't completed as I stopped midway. But I hope to write more. :) And I also hope, y'all enjoy it. :) Have fun entering the musical world of Tokyo's International Boarding Academy!


P.S. This story was inspired after watching one episode in an anime called "La Corda d'Oro/Stroke The Golden String". It might actually be a lot like the plot of the story in the anime but I still think it's different in it's own way. :)

The End

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