Chapter 3

Emmy woke up groggy and disoriented. Something was dinging incessantly in her dreams. A relentless pinging that sounded a lot like…her computer notifying her of a new message. Rubbing her eyes, she glanced at her phone- 4:00am. Who was trying to talk to her at 4 o’clock in the morning?

Jude. She had forgotten about him the night before, well not forgotten, but got into this really great fan fiction where Phineas had married Eva and had babies. It was so sweet. Sometimes Emmy got so caught up in this fictitious world that she forgot about the real world. Especially when the fictitious world had anything to do with Eva. Eva was Emmy’s favorite character in the Phineas Quirk series. She honestly thought that Rommey Harrington must have somehow met Emmy in a past life and modeled Eva after Emmy. They were so much alike. Shy, introverted, smart, awkward around others Eva though, was beautiful and had the guy. She had Phineas, the unobtainable, beautiful Phineas. Emmy had no boys and wasn’t beautiful, regardless of what her mother thought.

Wrapping herself in her quilt, Emmy stumbled sleepily to her lap top and stared at the screen. She had quite a few messages from a few different people, but the constant digging was from Jude.

QuirkyMarauder: Hi.

QuirkyMarauder: You there?

QuirkyMarauder: Emmy?

QuirkyMarauder: Did you hear about the Eva contest? You have to enter, you could win hands down.

QuirkyMarauder: I guess you are asleep, I’m up so message me when you get up.

It was 7:15am in Rhode Island, does Jude ever sleep? Eva contest?

EmmyluvsPhineas: What Eva contest? This better be good, it’s 4am!!!!

QuirkyMarauder: Hey! Sorry I didn’t wake you did I? Anyways, Rommey Harrington just announced a life changing contest on her site. Epic. Like more epic than you could imagine.

EmmyluvsPhineas: What? I’m tired and I don’t feel like checking her site, just tell me.

QuirkyMarauder: There is a contest to choose the girl to play Eva in the rest of the movies! It’s easy, all you have to do is make a video showing how much of a fan you are and potraying your interpretation of Eva and people vote on finalists. Then the finalists get to go London and meet Rommey and the cast and directors. They will pick one of them. No acting experience necessary. You have to do it, you are Eva! Seriously.

Emmy rolled her eyes. She could imagine Jude being out of breath, panting and staring at his screen. He really thinks she can be Eva, which is ridiculous. She could never been in a movie, she is awkward and on a good day she can’t be bothered to string together two sentences.

EmmyluvsPhineas: Yeah right. I can’t do that. I have no chance. Even if I did, I would just get laughed at. I couldn’t be in a movie.

QuirkyMarauder: But you have acting experience. And you are totally Eva. You have all of her qualities.

EmmyluvsPhineas: I’ve been in a couple community plays, so what. That doesn’t make me a good actress. Besides what if I don’t look like Eva? For all you know I could weigh 600 pounds and have warts on with hair growing out of them on my nose.

QuirkyMarauder: Yeah. I doubt that. You’ve described yourself before. And some acting experience is better than no acting experience.


He had a point there. A few years ago, her mom insisted on putting her in a summer acting camp. She thought it might bring her out of her shell. She actually enjoyed it and even auditioned for a few other plays. It didn’t make her want to talk to people any more than she already did, but she did enjoy immersing herself in a character and becoming someone else. That was it thought. Not enough to put her in a movie. It was one thing to be criticized by her small, Washington town, another to be criticized by the whole internet. Kids at school had made fun of her, those whose parents had drug them to the play, a lame attempt to get them some culture. The next Monday at school a few of them started calling her Bessie, her character’s name. They made fun of her acting and her accent. That was her last play.

The incessant dinging of her computer forced her out of her day dream.

QuirkyMarauder: Emmy? Promise me you will at least think about it.

EmmyluvsPhineas: Fine, I will think about it.










The End

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