Mother wouldn’t say where his father was off too, said something about a tree and that was that. Thor wanted to know where his Father had gone so he did all his chores as he was told, stacked a big pile of wood next to the cleaned out fire pit. He even helped his Mother make supper and threatened Loki to help take it outside. The sun was just setting when Odin returned from his journey. Gathered around the fire, Thor and Loki both sat on the ground, watching Odin poke the embers with a stick, waiting for the story to start. Odin saw that the boys were anxious so he began.


“You have been told about the nine worlds correct?” he asked them, they both replied with a nod.


“Through out eight of the nine worlds that surround Midgard, grows the ash tree Yggdrasil. They would live under the conditions of the realm, adapting to the terrain. Down in Muspel Heim, a place of fire, continuously burning the contents of the land, a Yggdrasil would stand, forever ignited by the fires, but always alive. In the cold of Jotun Heim, icicles would hang off the branches of the ash tree, the bark of the wood a think layer of ice, yet it was always nourished. Every Yggdrasil was guarded by keepers of the realm, who would tend to it, take care of its surroundings. As long as this tree flourished, was the reign of the Aesir and the worlds fated to last. The biggest of them all sits in the middle of Midgard, its branches sweeping to the four corners of the world. It towers above all, reaching past Asgard, way up to the tip of the sky. The people of Midgard tirelessly cared for it. They built houses off of the roots that jutted from the ground, they felt protected in its shadows and its strength. The reason I had rushed off yesterday was because one of those trees has died. Shaman, medicine men, wizards of the land came together to the tree to figure out how it had died, none of them knew. It was a mystery that this one tree, which has stood since the beginning of time, had finally stopped growing.”


“Where was this tree?” asked Loki.


  “I have heard of this place” Thor remarked. “Are we not at war with them?”

 “Yes, my boy, we have been at war with one another for many of years, but a symbol such as the Yggdrasil brings a cease-fire on all the realms.”


Odin stirred the fire and dropped in another log for strength.

“Now, I believe I have told Thor about the sun and the moon, have I not?” He looked at Thor.

 “Yes sir, I remember that story.”

 “The sun and the moon are attached to the backs of horses, who run all around the world, being chased forever by Jotuns disguised as wolves. It is said in a lost prophecy that with the Yggdrasil dying, the horses begin to tire. And that when the final tree, the one that covers Midgard, when it burns, the sun and the moon will collide, sending  Ragnarok to Midgard, where the warriors of the land battle under an eclipse.”

The End

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