Dueling Swords

Loki picked up the wooden sword just before Thor attacked. With an over head chop, Thor brought it down upon Lokis' head. Grabbing both ends of the sword, Loki deflected Thor' chop, but the power that was put into the attack sent Loki tumbling to the ground.

"Glad to see you could sneak out undetected again today Loki, now get up and defend yourself!"

Loki scrambled to his feet quickly as Thor rushed towards him with the sword above, another overhead chop. Loki could see this coming and made a plan to attack. He ran towards Thor, leant and front rolled to his right, Thors’ sword missed completely, the tip of it digging into the ground. Kneeling up, Loki put all his force into his swing and hit Thor right in the hip.

 “I decided for you to find out the hard way that you cannot always bring forth the same move. The enemy, if he is quick enough, will see this and alter the result for himself, not yours” Vidar explained to Thor.  “You need to keep your thoughts ahead of your enemy, so that the victory is yours”

 Thor nodded at his brother, signaling that he understood. Loki stood up and smiled smugly at him, telling him in a sense that he had just defeated him. Thor was not about the let that happen twice. Grabbing the sword firmly in two hands, he raised it once again above his ahead to attack. Both Loki and Vidar looked at each other and shook their heads as if saying he will never learn. Thor charged at Loki who was already in the position to defend the over head chop. Thor swung at him, but halfway through the down thrust, he changed the angle so the wood cracked against the bone around his knee. Loki dropped the sword and fell to the ground grasping his leg, crying in pain. Thor leant over and offered his hand as help, but Loki just waved his hand away.


“No thanks, I’ll just lie here for a moment” he cried.


Thor smiled and turned to face his brother, a quick look of surprise crossed his face as the world turned sideways, dropping him on the ground.


“Another lesson I wanted you to learn on your own” told Vidar. “Never turn your back to the enemy”

A loud crash flew from the door of the cabin as Odin stepped out. Thor watched him as he slung his travelling bag over his shoulder and decended quickly towards the boys. Thor saw that he also carried with him is walking stick meaning that he was going away for awhile.

"Thor, come here" called Odin.

Thor got up and jogged towards his father. Odin put a hand on his sons shoulder.

"I have to go away for today, but i will be back tomorrow evening, I need you to finish all of your chores before I get back, and help your mother with anything she needs"

"Where are you going?"

"I will tell you tomorrow when i get back, in fact, clean out the firepit and stack some wood beside it, we'll have dinner outside tomorrow"

"Can Loki come over?"

Odin glanced over at Loki who still sat on the ground, rubbing his knee.

Odin mumbled to Thor.

"I suppose he should know too..."

Odin patted his son on the head and trotted off.

"Vidar, make sure your brother does his chores."

"Yes Father"

Before he had fully disappeared down the hill, he called back once more.

"And Thor, no more practice with swords, you will not need to know how to use them in the future!"

"Yes Sir!" He called back.

Making sure his father was out of site, Thor tossed his sword to Vidar and ran up to the cabin to ask his mother where he was off too.

The End

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