She noticed him as he swam over, but kept on washing her hair.


He’s a handsome boy” she thought.


He stood up, waist high in the river, and combed his hair back with his hands.


“Hi” he said.


“Hi” she replied back, still splashing water on herself.


“What’s your name?” he asked.


“My name is Sif, what is yours?” she asked back.

“I am Thor”


She smiled at him.


“I like your hair, it’s very long and pretty” he said.


“Thanks” she said. “I like your red hair”


He smiled back.


“Would you like to come fishing?” he asked.


“No thank you, I don’t want to smell like fish, besides, I have to go home and do chores”


Sif grabbed her belongings up, turned around and began walking away.


“Maybe some other time then?”


She turned around to look at him.


“Maybe” she said and walked away.


Thor watched her until she was up the hill and out of sight. He swam back across the river just as Loki pulled up a fish. It flopped along on the soil as Loki unclipped the hook from the mouth. He grabbed his knife from his pocket, then used the butt of the knife to kill it.

“I’ve caught 5 fish since you went over there” Loki said.


“Oh yah?” Thor said, still not quite listening to Loki.


“Who was she?” Loki asked. “She’s pretty”


“Her name is Sif, she is beautiful, and if you go near her when I am not around,  I will cut off your head and stick it on a pike!”


Loki laughed.


“Guess you like her, huh? That’s fine with me, you can keep her, though she does have pretty hair…”


“That she does” Thor said.


He grabbed his fishing pole and the container of worms.


“I want to go home now, would you like to come for supper tonight?”

“Not tonight Thor, Mother caught me stealing some bread from storage so I’m not allowed to leave home”


Thor looked at him quizzically, Loki noticed and laughed.


“She thinks I’m at home right now, I snuck out when she went to get supplies. I figured it would take her a few hours, and I’ve already wasted most of that time already”


“Tomorrow, if you can, come up to my house, my brothers are helping me practice with the sword, I am sure they will teach you too” Thor said.


“See you tomorrow” Loki said.


Thor grabbed a few fish from the pile, hooked their gills on the fishing pole and walked home.

The End

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