Down at the river pt. 2


Loki lay laughing on the rivers edge as Thor came up from underwater, sputtering it out from his insides in a coughing fit.


“You can’t breathe underwater like I can Thor!” Loki shouted between laughing episodes, wiping away tears of joy at seeing Thor suffer.


Thor clambered out of the river, shaking himself dry.


“Maybe if my father had agreed to teach us, I wouldn’t have to listen to you” said Thor.

“Yes, but you do listen to me, and that is your problem, not mine”


“Stop making fun of me or you will have a problem; I’d like to see how long you can stay underwater when I am holding you under”


Thor turned to Loki with a serious expression on his face. Loki saw this and stopped smiling. Suddenly, Thor burst out laughing.


“Look at you!” he exclaimed. “You thought I was serious!”


Lokis’ smile returned awkwardly.


“Sometime I can’t tell Thor, when you turn like that”


“If you can play games with me, you shouldn’t have any problem with me doing it to you, now come on, let’s fish!”


Thor walked over to where the fishing poles were leaning against a boulder. He bent down to grab the container of worms that he and Loki had dug up in mothers’ garden earlier. When he rose and grabbed both fishing poles, he noticed a girl had appeared across the river. He was stunned, never before had he seen such a sight. The girl knelt by the river, cradling water in her hands, splashing it delicately on her face and hair. Her hair, reaching in length down by her waist, was so golden in hue; it looked like a field of barley swaying in the wind on a hot summer day. It glimmered off the water as she caressed between her fingers, squeezing the water gently from it, back into the river. Thor felt a tap on his back and realized it was Loki, trying to get his attention. Without turning to face him, Thor handed the poles and the worms to Loki and walked towards the river.


“Thor? Where are you going?” asked Loki.


But Thor did not respond, he waded into the river and began to swim across towards the girl. Loki shrugged, walked back to where he was sitting, grabbed a slimy worm from the bucket, hooked it to the end of his line and tossed it in the water.

The End

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