Down at the river

After the firewood had all been chopped and stacked, Thor and Loki raced down the hill to the rainbow bridge of Asgard. One bet was announced after another between the two young ones. Who can make it to the bridge faster? Who can catch the most fish? Thor knew that he could always beat Loki in a foot race, his stamina was far greater. For after the many times Loki hid after infuriating Thor, Thor ran and ran until he had found Loki, cowering in a cupboard or empty barrel. Thor believed that Loki hid in cupboards purposely, not for his own enjoyment, but to not make Thor’s wrath and beating upon him worse. Loki is a Jotun, a shape-shifter as Thor calls him, and if Loki wanted it so, he would have changed into the barrels he hid in, until Thor gave up his search, his anger fading, walking back to Asgard to retire for the night. Thor always lost in the fishing bet, he would have to stand on the edge of the river, fishing pole gripped tight in hand, struggling for one fish. Loki, with his powers, would dive into the water, transform into a net, cling to rocks in the river and let the fish swim into him.

Summers ago, Thor had saved Loki from drowning while they fished. Loki had just recently discovered his shape-shifting ability and decided to test it out in the river. He had formed into trout and was leaping out of the water to impress his friend when he suddenly reformed back into his Jotun body. Helpless with no knowledge of how to swim, he drifted downstream, gulping down water, calling for Thor’s aid. Thor was young, and he too did not know how to swim, but he had no fear and leapt into the river, flailing his arms and legs in the water in a desperate attempt to reach Loki. Grabbing onto a rock jutted out of the water, Loki held strong until Thor met him. With Thor’s strength, he was able to fight the current to the rivers edge, pulling Loki along with him. Out of breath and in the sun, lying on sand, Loki coughed up water. Loki went home with Thor that night, asking Odin if he would teach both of them how to swim.

The End

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