Huginn, Muninn and Thor

Thor opens the door to the food box behind the cabin. A smell of fresh bread fills the doorway where he stands.

"Mother must be busy in the kitchen" Thor tells the ravens, who caw and hop around nearby.

He reaches for a latch on the ground where the food is kept cold, pulls it open and grabs for a brown trout he had caught last week down at the river. Shutting the latch, he opens another box that contained the bread. Breaking a loaf of bread in two, he leaves the food box, locking the door behind him. He tosses the two halfs to the birds who devour them as he walks to where another ax lay. Thor picks up the ax, lays the trout on the ground and chops it in two. The ravens hop-skip to the fish, each pick up a piece then fly up to the top of the woodshed to eat.

Thor walked down the slope back to the woodpile and began chopping again. He glanced over to his dad who was still up on the teetering fence, smoking away on his pipe. Thor felt a moment of cleverness build up inside. He wanted to steal his dads' long brimmed hat that he always wore, but quickly decided against it, he remembered the spanking the last time he stole it. A creak behind him signified the cabin door was opening, he turned and saw his brother Vidar exiting. Vidar stepped out, smelled the morning air, then bent down to tie his shoes. Vidar wore two different shoes, one made of leather that he found down in the village a few years ago. The other shoe, or boot as it was, was made of iron, customized by a blacksmith that father had traded with when Vidar was young. Father told me that he was born with a bad foot and needed the boot for support. I think that it is a magical boot, father never said it was. I went with father one day, to a magic man, father carried the boot with him. He told me to wait outside the magic man's hut while he went inside. He returned several minutes and i could tell the boot was different, an aura surrounded it. Another reason why i believe it to be magic, is that Vidar has never had to get it re-fitted, his feet grow and the boot has grown with it. Vidar walks down the hill towards me, a significant limp in his walk because of the different shoes.

"Hey Vidar, want to go fishing with me when im done?" I ask

"Not today Thor"

"How about practice with the swords?"

"I'm off to meet some friends, we might practice when i get back"

Vidar hobbles down the hill, passing Loki as he is on his way up. I smile when i see Loki, he'll help me with my chore. I see father turn, he pulls the pipe away to watch Loki. Father has always been wary of Loki as i have noticed, father has said Loki is a bad influence. I've always seen Loki as the fun part of my day.

"Loki! grab an armful of wood, help me out"

"Lets go thor, leave the woodchopping for later and we'll head down to the river, we'll bring the fishing poles"

I turn to ask my dad who has turned back to the mountains, but before i can say anything he answers.

"You can leave when you are finished with the wood Thor"

"Yes sir"  I reply.

I turn back to face Loki who shrugs his shoulder.

"Help me out?" I ask him.

Loki smiles, walks up to me and grabs the ax from my hands.

"I'll chop, you pick up"

I smile back and exclaim a challenge.

"I bet i can pick up and stack faster then you can chop"

"Oh, you're on!"

The End

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