Between Valhalla and Hel


A cold wind picks up as my lifeless body slumps to the ground. It’s the Valkyries, floating down towards me, coming to lift my soul, take me into the sky.  They stretch their hands out in welcome, fingernails as white as their flowing hair, smiles upon their beautiful faces, and yet sadness lingers by the creases of their eyes. I take hold of their hands, their skin as soft as my wife. I squeeze their hands harder, knowing this is as close as I will get to feel my wife again, I want this memory to last. Up in the sky we rise, I take a look down at my body, the eyes of my past self are closed, a final smile cracks from the corners of my mouth. The shattered remains of my hammer lay across my chest, gripped together by my strong hands. I look across the battlefield, I do not see the battle ensue, only the dead on the ground and their souls being lifted by the awaiting Valkyries. The fallen, they are naked, they rise through the sky as naked as a newborn child. Perhaps where we go, we will be given a fresh start, a new life. Where we go, we will be reborn.  

The End

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