Chapter 1

     My alarm clock sounded and I woke with a start. I sat straight up and starred at the tiny clock. I reached my hand over to it to turn it of then noticed the blood on my fingers. Trying to recall the previous night I got up. All I could remember was a face, my former boss's face, Wilt. Then I remembered getting fired. The anger rise up in me like the air in a balloon being blown up. I then punched the tiny alarm clock. It rolled onto the floor cracked and distorted.

     I could hear my mother in the kitchen making breakfast for my father and me. She always did this on a Saturday. Chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon, and coffee was her specialty. I sniffed the air inhaling nothing but the smell of bacon. I loved that smell. It reminded me of every Saturday morning that I could spend with my mother and father. I loved those two. They were what kept my mind human.

    I was glad it was a Saturday because that meant that I didn't have to go to school and listen to my friends rage on about how boring I was and that it must have been that time of month for me because I was in a mood. One of the many downfalls to using a nobody, it ruptures any sort of reputation you have at school, especially if you are friends with the two most nuttiest teenagers in the world. I was betting that they would call me soon wanting to know why I was so indeed grouchy yesterday. I'd give them the answer that I always gave them. Space was the key here. I always told them that I needed space. That normally went okay with them, they didn't really bother too much with any more information.

    My mother called me down to breakfast and I was willing to admit that I was pretty hungry. Yesterday I didn't come home until the late night because I had been taking my anger out on a few deamons in Wilt's city. That was of course after I had stolen a few things from his castle and hidden them in the pockets of his employees. That should keep things lively there for a little whike. I went down the stairs to the kitchen and found my dad already at the table waiting for his plate.

      "Morning Lights." He said waving. Lights was a nickname that my friends had given me after my name. The Aurora Borealis, northern lights.

      "Morning Dad." I said letting out a yawn.

       "You got any sleep? I know you have been having trouble." My dad turned and looked at me. He had a newspaper in his hands so I figured I better talk to him now before he gets on with his reading.

       "I got some sleep. I feel okay though." I answered.

       "Do we have to take you to doctor whats his name and get him to prescribe you some more sleeping medicine." Came my mother's voice underneath the cabinet.

      "No mom I don't want anymore stupid medication. All those pills did was make me go to sleep and have nightmares and then wake up during the middle of the night wondering why the heck the back of my neck and shirt was so wet. Do you need any help?" I couldn't get angry with my parents, I knew that they were only trying to help.

       My mother poked her head out of the cabinet. Her face was glowing. She looked so happy that I thought she was going to pop, "Mom why are you"

        "Well your father and I have something very important to tell you dear." She said with not just her mouth smiling but her face too.

        "Alright hit me with your best shot then." I said feeling the need to smile with her. I looked at my father at the table and he too was beaming.

         "Honey we thought ling and hard about how this will affect you and everything. I told your father that you would probably be happy about this too instead of upset. Anyway Aurora my dear, we are having a baby!" She jumped up and laughed.

         A baby? They were going to be having a child? I never thought that my parents would ever want to have a baby. I didn't know how to react. I wasn't mad or sad, it's just if the deamons found out about this than they would try to kill my mother.

       "A baby? Really!" I went over into the kitchen and gave my mother a hug. Sure enough I could hear my mother's blood stirring and that there was a life in her. "Wow that's great mom!"

       I was truly happy, I had always wanted a little brother or sister but I was also worried too. Would this baby have the same fate as me? Never to belong to this world, but yet so involved and drawn to it? If this baby did just so happen to be like me than I had to protect him or her. I had to protect the baby anyway. I vowed to myself that I would protect the baby no matter what.

      After breakfast I went to my room with the excuse of wanting to get a head start on studying. My parents believed it even though it's the twenty first century and normal kids don't study on the weekends. (Or at all) My grades were good so of course they believed me. About an hour of me being in my room my mother came knock on the door.

        "Hey there are two people on the phone wanting to talk to you." My mother said holding the phone.

        "Let me guess, Mike and Sophie." I said still on my bed.

          My mother nodded her head and then walked across my room to give me the phone, "I'll leave you to it then."

         As soon as I picked up the phone both of them started, "So like did you know that...No Soph don't tell her that, hey what was up yesterday? Mike you know what was up, don't ask her that, that's personal. Don't tell me what to do, hey Aurora do you want to do something tonight? Mike we were supposed to ask her together!"

       It was always like that. Sophie and Mike, they fought like brother and sister. Sophie and Mike have been together since first grade and then when I came along in fifth grade the trio was done. We have been friends since then. Mike is the crazy one, he does whatever you say he can't do. Sophie is Mike's conscience.  She keeps him in line.

        "Sure I'd love to do something tonight. Soph get off Mike's back at least he remembered he was supposed to ask me something. Yes that is very personal so quit asking, I don't want to hear it anymore. " It went on like this for at least an hour before they finally decided what they wanted to do for the night. I had to talk in between them a few times they wouldn't get in to a fight over the phone. I often wondered how in the world them two became friends and have stayed friends for as long as they have been.

       "You guys amaze me. Seriously though I have to ask my parents so I'll call you back later." They both agreed then we hung up.

        I went downstairs to find my mom and dad. They were no where in the house. They had left a little note saying that they had left to go to my mother's doctor's appointment. They said that they shouldn't be long so I figured that I would just wait around until they came back.  I decided to make me a sandwich.

      While I was gathering the  peanut butter and jelly from out of the cabinet when I noticed a different scent. This scent didn't belong in my house nor did it belong in this world. I started to snarl.

       "Put them away." Came a voice from behind me. "I did not come here to fight." The voice was male and old. A little odd for a deamon.

       "Really now? Then why don't you reveal yourself to me." As soon as that sentence was out of my mouth the male stepped forward to allow me to see him.

    He was indeed old. His hair was grey and he had a white beard. He was dressed a suit completed with a tie. He looked out of place really, not really in this world but also not of the other world.

   "Just who are you?" I asked curiosity taking over.

   "Ah who am I? The real question here is who are you? You see I know who I am and I know who you are, but you don't have a clue about either one." He said turning on his heel and heading into the living room.

     "You're making no sense whats so ever." I replied following him.

      He went to our beige sofa and sat down."Hey who invited you to sit!?" I yelled. " Who even said you could stay!"

       "Look Aurora I am old, older than you can imagine. I'm tired and I have traveled a very long way so if you don't mind, how about showing a little courtesy to someone who is going to help you out."

        He did look pretty tired so I gave it a rest and sat down on the couch next to the one he was sitting on still facing him so I could see everything that he was doing.

       "My name is Alexander. I've been around for many years, let's say that I was here at the beginning of everything. I have much to tell you. Aurora you are very special, you might not think it but you are. You aren't just a deamon, you are The Deamon." Alexander paused and looked at my face, "Alright let me explain it better and start off at the beginning."

     "You don't know the story of the deamon race do you? Well here it is...Way back in the beginning of the Earth humans and deamons resided together. They lived in peace for a very long time, that is until some of the deamons started realizing that they were very much different than the humans. They noticed that they were stronger, faster, that they could do so much more than the humans. Some got arrogant and started making the humans their slaves. Some deamons even tried to rule the world. It lasted for a century. Many humans lost their lives trying to fight back, but then one day as the world slept the deamons were scooped up into the heavens above and kicked off of this Earth. When the humans woke up they had no memory of any such creatures or what happened. the deamons had been washed out. The deamons woke up on the world that they live in now. Began their nasty lives a new. They had no memory of the humans either."

    "The deamons went about with their lives, then one day some would call it an angel but something appeared to the deamons. The whatever it was foretold the downfall of the deamons. One deamon born of both a human mother and a human father was to bring the destruction of the deamon world." Alexander paused to look at me.

       It wasn't until I reviewed his last sentence that I got what he was telling me. "No, no way!" I jumped up.

       "Yes, it's you and only you. The reason you were fired was because Wilt was told by the deamon in the shack. That deamon living in the shack, talking to your former boss is Ali. He is as old as I am and was there when the prophecy was foretold. He told your boss hoping that he would just kill you off but instead Wilt did the least deamon thing to do and fired you, banishing you to this world." Alexander said standing up next to me.

      "So what you're saying is Wilt was trying to protect me? But why? And why me?" Questions were running through my head so fast that the room started to spin.

     "I can't tell you that, you'll have to figure it out on your own but I can tell you that Wilt is in some trouble now. The reason for him going so crazy is because Ali isn't your average deamon, he is one of the first so he is very powerful. One encounter with him will have your head spinning for days. Wilt went crazy because he was trying to make sense of the fact that you were supposed to kill all the deamons. He went crazy rather than believing it."

    My head was clearing up. There was only one explanation to why Wilt felt so reluctant to believing what Ali had told him, "No because then that would mean, but how?"

    "It is possible, and I think you know it is very possible. I've watched you two for some time now and it is very clear that it is there. Not all deamons don't have hearts."  Alexander put his arms on me. I shrugged them off.

   "Then that would mean"

    "Yes it would mean that Wilt is in some deep trouble."

    "I have to go back to the deamon world then?" I asked looking Alexander in the eye.

     "Yes you would have to anyway."He said peering back at me.

    "But my family, my mother, I have to protect them!"

    "I'm not here to tell you what to do but what is more important, destiny or staying here when they are only going to find you anyway. They will kill anyone to get to you." Alexander said going over to a table that displayed my family and two friends. He picked up the picture of Mike and Sophie. "These two are your best friends. They would be the first to go. They aren't apart of your family but they are close to you so you can bet that they would be gone by the time you could get to them."

     I knew what Alexander was saying was true. I knew how regular deamons acted and that was beyond decent of anything that any regular deamon would do. Considering the fact that I wasn't dealing with regular deamons anymore, there was only one choice for me.

   "Does that mean that I won't be able to come back?"  I asked looking at the pictures in Alexander's hands feeling anguish from all of this.

    "Not until things are straight." Alexander placed the pictures where they had been before.


The End

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