Between the boths

       The rain dripped off my hair as I stood waiting in the night. The air around me was chilled with the slight feeling of loneliness. I shook those feelings out of my mind as I searched through the darkness for some type of shelter. No such luck, the night was being unforgiving. Rebecca was taking too long, I couldn't stand the waiting any longer.

     Just as I turned to go I heard footsteps on the pavement, they were silent but I could still hear them. I turned around to face the owner of those steps. It was Rebecca after all. " Took you long enough."

     She smiled and replied, "I had to make you wait. This is lovely weather and I figured you wanted to stay a while."

     "Damn you!" I yelled. "It's 2:00 a.m!"

     "Yes I know and I don't care what time it is in this stupid world." Rebecca said throwing a cigarette bud on the wet ground.

      "Whatever, why have you come?" There was no sense in arguing  with her, I had no energy to.

      "Somebody isn't up for a fight tonight. Anyway the boss wants you to come back with me." Rebecca tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder and then turned. "Coming?" She laughed.

      "Like I have a choice." I snarled under my breath.

      Rebecca waved her hand and a black hole appeared. Rebecca went in first, I stepped up to the hole and peered in. This wasn't the first time I've seen the black hole before. It's a way of being able to get back and forth from the human world to the other world. I didn't like to use it because of the feeling it gave me every time I stepped into it but it was the only way to get back and forth.

     Rebecca poked her head back through the hole to look at me, "Are you coming? Oh right, get your nobody ready. I have a feeling you wont be coming back in time for your school or whatever."

      I rolled my eyes and took a step back. By  this time I'd forgotten about the rain all together. I breathed in deeply and went digging in my mind. I summoned out my nobody and in a few seconds she was standing in front of me. She looked exactly like me, same thin long face, same thin frame, golden brown eyes, black hair, everything. The only way you could tell that she was not me was the fact that she was dead inside. Nothing existed in her. All she could do was obey orders and speak.

     "I want you to go back to my house and carry on the day as I would." I told my nobody. She starred at me with a blank expression and then bowed.

       "Alright Aurora hurry up. I'm getting really aggravated." Rebecca said on the other side of the hole.

      "Like I care if you're going to be late." I replied back.

      My nobody turned in the direction of my house and started walking. I watched her go for a few seconds then decided to step through the hole. As soon as I stepped through I regretted it. As I carried on forward to the other side I felt the feeling of loneliness take over. There was the sensation of being lost inside me. I started to panic, and as soon as the panic began to burst inside me I was on the other side.

     The deamon world was quite different to the human world. The sky was blood red with the outlines of other planets in it. It looked as if you could stretch your hand up and touch the planets. They were all alined in a path going towards the middle of the sky almost making a complete circle of the deamon world in the sky. The ground was covered with black ash.If you moved a little you got ash on you. The ash was everywhere.  The citys were stretched out all over the world. Some cities were close together and then some were spread out. There were a lot of cities toward the middle of the world, that was were the really powerful deamons reined. Every city had a least one castle in it. The architecture of the cities reminded me of the medieval architecture in the human world.

     Rebecca appeared by my side with  her leather suit being already dry. I was still soaked from the rain however. She looked at me and winked then in a flash she was running. It took me a few seconds to catch up to her. The city of our boss wasn't far away, it was maybe 20 miles or 25 out of where we had come out of the hole. About ten minutes of running we were there. The city gates were always closed, the only way of getting in was by consulting the guards. Our boss didn't like intruders nor did he like many visitors. Rebecca and I didn't have to talk to the guards because they already knew our faces.  Rebecca went ahead into the city but I stayed behind.

     "What are you doing?" She asked annoyed.

      "Calm yourself, I'm just hanging back for a minute." I said touching the gate. I felt the cold metal between my fingers and then rested my head on the bars.

      "Alright but don't be long, the boss doesn't like waiting." Rebecca said turning her back on me.

       I let the chills run through my body as the wetness sank in. There was no doubt that I was going to get a cold. My hair was halfway dried by now, but my clothes weren't. They stuck to me like I had some type of super glue on. My jacket hung on my body like a limp black bird.  Once I decided to move there was a wet puddle on the spot that I had been standing on. The guard nodded his approval and allowed me into the city.

       There were deamons all about. The city was alive with activity. I had to push through some of them. There was a fight brewing in the center of the city. Two bloody deamons were going at it. The ruckess that they were causing was ridiculous. They were causing many other deamons to get involved because they were being hit and pushed. I spit on one who was on the ground covered in dirt.

    "You want a piece of me?!" He yelled.

    I just laughed and continued on to the castle. He tried to get up and follow me but as soon as he saw me heading up the steps to the castle, he subsided and went fight with another deamon.  As soon as I got into the gates of the castle I was bombarded with Steph and Raff who were the two deamons that seemed to never have nothing better to do but bother me. They were both fishing for information that I had no clue about.

      "What?" I asked trying to get through them.

      "You haven't come back from your mission? The boss was going on about some type of mission that he needed to do. We figured that he had you do it for him." Raff said looking at me accusingly.

      "No, I'm coming for it." I replied. "Give me some room."

       "Oh, wait until you hear what the boss was going on about. You are going to trip." Steph said trying to step aside.

         Steph and Raff tried to fill me in on what was going on as we went up to the boss's chamber but I was hardly listening. For some reason Steph and Raff liked me and since they did they felt the need to talk to me every single second that I was not in the boss's chambers or on a mission. They told me that the boss was acting funny. That he was doing some things that weren't like him. He had killed some deamons in the city.

       When I got to his door Steph and Raff backed off.  I watched them slip down the stairs, something about their manner was different. They seemed startled. I knocked on the door. I heard a lock being clicked opened then the door sprang opened. My boss was standing in the doorway looking crazed.

      "Are you okay?" I asked startled. I tried my best for it not to show.

      "Yes I'm great, come in, come in!" My boss grabbed my arms and rushed me into the chamber.

      I looked around the room with amazement. It looked like someone had trashed the entire room. There were papers everywhere and shattered glass on the floor. His desk had been thrown against the window.  His wardrobe was all over the floor along with the wood that used to be his desk.

      "What happened here?" I asked trying not to laugh.

       "I had an epiphany." He simply said smiling.

      His eyes twinkled and then there was a sense of madness in his features,"Why have you been killing deamons in the town?" I asked.

       "Because they were after me!" He yelled.

      "Wilt get a hold of yourself! What the heck happened to you? I leave for a week and you go straight to madness! I'm out of here." I yelled clearly annoyed by all of the nonsense.

       "Wait! Wait! Don't go I need you! I'll tell you what happened just don't leave, I need you to stay to help me, you're the only one that I trust." He grabbed my arm with a forceful jerk.

       He pulled me over to his shattered window, "You see that over there?" He pointed to this black shack behind a building.

      I nodded my head not knowing where he was going with this odd explanation. There was nothing special to the eye about that black shack. It was old rotted and filled with mold. I wrinkled my nose at the thought of actually going into the shack.

    "Okay I see it so whats so special with it? It' old and there is nothing to it." I shrugged my shoulders.

      My boss started shaking his head violently, "No no there is something very special about that shack or not about it but simply in it. There is someone living in that shack. He visited me the other day and caused all this." He pointed to his room.

      "Why is there someone living in that shack? Why did he visit you and do all of this to you?"  I asked. My boss didn't look so good. Apart from his normal paleness, he was extremely pale and his eyes had this tint in them that looked like he could be ready to explode at any moment.

      "He wanted you." My boss said looking at me very strangely. "I would not let him have you though so he got mad."

      I began to stare at the shack. Why would someone want me? It was true that in the last three years that I have been coming to this world I have been in many fights, most of them were to the death, but no one wanted me personally. It was always because I was working for Wilt. They all hated him and then started hating me because I was his right hand girl. To think that a deamon wants to get a hold of me not because of my boss was down right freaky.

        "Wilt why did he want me?" I asked keeping a close eye on the shack.

         "I can't tell you that. Or I could but then, no I wont, but then you need to know!" He argued with himself.

         "Look Wilt I'm going to send for someone to get you some kind of medication or something to make you less crazy because I don't understand anything that you are trying to tell me."I said kneeling him down and looking him in the eye. "I'm going to leave."

        "No you must not! You're in danger! I can't have you leaving. Please don't leave." He asked and in that instant I could see my old boss in there.

        "Alright but I'm going to fix you something that will make you come back to me." I said getting up. Wilt just stayed there on his broken floor looking broken himself. How could someone do that to him? What did the deamon do to make Wilt so out of sorts?

       I left and searched all over the castle for something that I thought might help him. I ended up going into the city and buying some herbs that cure insanity. Once I got back to the castle I hurried fearing that Wilt might have done something while I was out. I went up to his room and found him in the same spot that I had left him in. He looked distorted.

     "Here eat this. It will help you come back to your original know- it- all self." He took it reluctantly.

      For the longest time he didn't eat it. A couple times he put it in his mouth and then spit it out. Finally I had to shove it in his pot hole and keep his mouth shut until he swallowed. The herb knocked him out for at least an hour. I kept watch on him and the shack. After the hour was up I was looking at the shack then turned around to find Wilt right behind me. He looked stunning.

           "Sorry for my unpleasant behavior Ms. Aurora." He chuckled.

             "That's fine boss." I said with a smile then it turned to a frown, "What happened Wilt?"

             "You know every employee has to call me boss, and I don't want to tell you what happened. If I do it would reveal very important information that I don't want you knowing." Wilt said tucking my black hair behind my ear.

                I smacked his hand away, "Excuse me?! Information that you don't want me knowing, what kind of bull crap is that?" I said, my anger rising.

              "Watch it Aurora. I am still your boss and if I say I'm not going to tell you something then I will not be telling you something." Wilt backed off.

                "Well then I'm leaving and going back to my world then." I said and pushed past him.

               "That would probably be best, and Aurora you are fired." A shock pulsed through my entire veins.

              "Fired?" Was all I managed out.

              "Oh please get a hold of yourself before you have a meltdown that I'll have to clean up. You are fired as in don't come back or else I will have my people kill you." He said with no pity what so ever.

               He waved me towards the door. Before I was out the door he pulled me toward him, "Don't get yourself killed Aurora." And then leaned in closer to my face.

               I really thought he was going to try to kiss me but he simply shoved me out the door and closed it on me. I couldn't walk at first. I was too stunned to move. What had just happened? Then Rebecca was by my side.

             "It's time for you to leave." She opened the black hole right then and there.

             They didn't have to spell it out for me, I wasn't welcomed there anymore. As I walked into the hole that swallowed me up I vowed that if I ever saw that man or his employees in my world, I would kill them all and not think twice.

The End

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