Betty Lou Ann

The girl in "Porcelain Girls" best friend's side of the story.

I watched,

and oh it killed me to watch,

as the girl next to me,

the girl next to me?

My Best Friend,


and oh-so happily,

starve herself

almost to the point of death.

It was like watching a movie

in super-duper duper slow motion:

scene by scene,

second by second,

pound by pound.

It horrified me to think that this,

this thing,

was happening to her.

She was becoming a monster.

I knew it was just the disease,

but I couldn't help but want,

want to report her to the wild animal collecter people.

She broke her arm on purpose

just to get out of gym class.

Said the constant movement

made her wak and fatel.

Her excuse?

Lose the pounds

'cuz the "extra weight"

was dragging her behind.

What extra weight?

This is something

your supposed to here in movies,

read in books,

as moral stories.

Is she a story?


She s a real girl!


are they going to lock her up in a crazy house

and study her?

Pshhht! Goodness no!


Goodness yes!


The End

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