"Are you ready yet?" Taylor called up the stairs, his hair in perfect formation and his suit clinging to his body. It was graduation and Taylor was more then excited to be out of High School and making his way into University. Well, more like thee university. He had been accepted into the Liberal Arts program at UCBC, which was an important milestone for him. 

"I look like crap." He heard another boy call down from the stairs, "Can't I just wear a god damn pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. This suit looks like I'm coming through time from the fifties. Are you sure this was the one we picked out in the store?" 

"Oh come on Colton! I bet you look hot, it's a suit for christ sake, you're going to have to dress up. We're graduating, you need to look presentable." Taylor called back up the stairs, "And hurry up, the Limo is going to be here in five minutes. Jeff and Debra are going to be annoyed with you if you don't pick your shit up and get into that limo." He paused for a second, "Dressed like a proper gentleman!" 

He heard Colton quietly mock him "dressed like a proper gentleman". 

He held in his amusement as he walked to the front door, watching the cars drive past his house.  The sun was making it's way into the sky, it seemed like this was going to be a hot day, that sucked they had to be all dressed up. Making his way to the living room, Taylor turned on the television to see what the weather was like. When the screen came on, he breathed a sigh of relief, it was only supposed to be in the high teens. That would be bareable. 

"Alright. Don't judge me. I'm coming down." 

Turning off the television, Taylor walked to the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Colton to make his way down. As the boy walked down the stairs, Taylor found himself staring in awe. He couldn't talk and his mouth was slightly gaped open. 

"I said don't judge me!" Colton turned around, ready to bolt up the stairs but Taylor grabbed his hand and walked him down the rest of the stairs. 

"Wow. You look … wow." 

Colton shot Taylor a glare, "I'm going to change, I don't even care if I'm the only one wearing casual Friday clothes. This suit sucks." 

Taylor wrapped his arms around Colton's waist, pulling him closer to him, "You made me hard just looking at you. I can't wait to take that suit off." He whispered in his ears, light kissing Colton's neck. 

Colton shivered and blushed, turning his face away, "I heard a horn, keep it in your pants for now." 

Taylor smirked and looked out the window, "Ready for this? We're almost going to be official adults, no more high school. Does that mean we're going to be destined for failure? I'll be going to the drama club and you'll be off somewhere with your science friends." Giving a fake dramatic sigh, Taylor clutched his heart, "We'll be like Romeo or Romeo, never meant to be." 

Colton lightly smacked his shoulder, "Not getting rid of me that quick, asshole." Grabbing his jacket, he opened the door, "After you ma lady." 

Taylor smirked, "Not what you said last night." 

As they walked outside, Taylor finally noticed Jeff hanging out the sunroof of the expensive looking white limo. He gave Jeff a disappointed look, "Are you seriously drunk already? It's ten thirty in the morning." 

"Nope! Just happy to see the happy couple. You give me warm fuzzies in my heart." 

Taylor heard a girl squeal from the inside of the limo, "Jeff! Your foot is stepping on my dress. Get your ass back in the limo before I break your leg and you can't stand up." 

Jeff blushed slightly and disappeared into the limo, as Taylor opened the door for Colton, he noticed the white leather interior, this was going to be a fancy ride. Getting inside, he sat next to Jeff, who looked dapper in his white suit, matching Debra's white dress. "Don't you guys look elegant and matchy match." 

"Her idea." Jeff thumped towards Debra, who frowned and turned her attention to Taylor, "Well, don't you look spiffy. No wonder this one can't keep his eyes off you." She smirked at Colton, who turned his face away blushing as red as ever. 

As we drove up to the ceremony, Taylor checked himself in the mirror, sighing with content with the way he looked, watching people walking into the hall. he looked at his three friends and smiled, "I guess this is it?" 

"Yea, we're going to be adults. That means work and school and no more video games. It's kind of sad, I sort of wish we were back in junior high, where we could just chill out at home in our boxers and play Mortal Combat." Jeff sighed, grabbing the door. "Let's go kids, time to say goodbye to all the carefree days." 

Taylor sighed, "Shut up Jeff. Let's just get this done." We walked out of the car and towards the building, Colton grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side. 

"I have something for you." He pulled out a ring. 

Gasping, Taylor tried to hold back my emotions. "Is this what I think it is?" 

He smirked, getting down on a knee, "I'm not one for the traditional, so bare with me. Taylor, will you marry me so we can grow old and fight every day about stupid things?" 

Taylor laughed slightly. "Absolutely. As long as your promise not to wear pants." 

He laughed and put the ring on his finger, getting off his knee, Colton kissed Taylor. "I love you." 

Taylor looked him in the eyes, a soft smile hitting his lips. He saw a man who he couldn't wait to be forever with, "And I love you too, Colton." 


I didn't actually think this would end here, but I think I'm ending this story on a good note. Thank you so much for the support of this short - but hopefully awesome book. All of you guys are amazing and I can't wait to start my next project. Hopefully it lives up to my standards. I love you all! <3

Yours Truly,

The End

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