Chapter FourteenMature

The rush of the doctors around Taylor made him dizzy, with their paddles and shockers, he was sort of scared they were going to hurt Colton instead of help him, but he kept a cool composure and made sure to stay out of the way. He watched as they tried to revive Colton, who was turning blue with no oxygen going into his lungs. Without even knowing it was happening, Taylor was crying, his tears wetting his face along with the shirt he was wearing. 

"Colton..." He whispered slightly, trying to convince the other boy to wake up. He knew it didn’t work like that, but if he thought hard enough, maybe he would wake up, maybe this would all be a dream and they could go on being happy. 

One more jolt from the shocker and the screen still blared the deafening flat line, the doctors all looked around with frowns and sadness in their eyes. They couldn't save this one, they couldn't make this okay. They all slowly backed away as Taylor watched them pack up the gear and he watched the head doctor scribble something on the pad of paper in his hands, he glanced over and saw the words on the page. 

Time of Death 7:34pm 

"No! You can't give up, you need to make him wake up! You need to fix this … please!" He was leading with people that weren't listening to him. They all shook their heads, giving him a pat on the shoulder for condolence. "Please! Make it stop. Make him wake up." 

The room was no empty, nobody but Taylor and the body of Colton inside, the sound of the machine had stopped. It was silent, the power turned off well over five minutes ago. Someone was packing away his body, the word Coroner in bright yellow letters sewn on the back of his shirt. He zipped up the body bag and pulled it onto a stretcher with another man. The police were standing next to Taylor, their mouths moving but no sound coming out. As Taylor watched the men take the stretcher away, he couldn't find the sounds he wanted to make. He wanted to scream, he wanted to make everything okay. He wanted this to be over. 

"Taylor" His mother's sad voice made him turn towards the door, her face dropped with sadness. "Taylor." She repeated his name, but he just stood there, watching the stretcher being wheeled to the elevator. He saw the number light up on the wheel as they walked inside, pressing a button. He watched the doors close as the boy he once loved was gone, his life feeling bleak and useless. 

"Taylor..." She spoke again, he turned to her, tears engulfing the images around him. He wanted her to hug him, but he also wanted to be left alone. His feelings were taking a hold of him and he didn't know if he could handle this anymore. He walked past her, his path of destruction laid out in front of him. 

He was being drastic, he was thinking of the worst possible things he could. He just wanted this pain to stop and he just wanted his world to be over. He walked down the hallway, looking out the window at the end. The drop had to be at least five floors, something that could end the life of someone you did not like. He stared back at Colton's hospital room, his mother standing at the door, a confused look on her face. 

Did he really want to do this in front of his mother? Did he really want to end it all with her watching his every move, did he really want her to see her only son die? Her pain hurt him even more, and he knew he wouldn't be able to live with it anymore. So with one look back at her, he mouthed sorry and then smashed through the window, falling to the air. 

Taylor's eyes opened, he was looking at a room, the cold white sheets pressed against his skin. Trailing his eyes around, he noticed someone sleeping in the chair next to him. He looked over and saw white hair falling into the bed. 


The smaller boy opened his eyes, looking at Taylor. He gave him a weak smile, his eyes flashing in front of him, "Hey Taylor." 

Was it actually a dream? Was it actually all in his mind? 

"I thought … I thought you were dead?" 

Colton frowned slightly, but kept his composure, "Almost. David went a little psycho, but I'm alright. They stitched me up earlier and I'm here with you now. I'm so sorry about everything, I didn't know what was going on. I just felt so judged and forced to commit this stupid bet from David. But Taylor, I'm not like that at all. I'm serious, Taylor..." 

Taylor interrupted his speech, kissing his lips lightly and petting his hair, "I had a bet too, and I was trying to make you love me, even if you really didn't. But Colton, I've been thinking so much and I love you. I seriously do, everything about you. I've loved you since ninth grade. I'm sorry I was such a dick … I just … I don't even know." 

Colton kissed Taylor again, this time with more force then before, pulling his head towards him. The kiss lasted for a few seconds before Colton pulled away, a broad smile lining his face. He was blushing, red all over his face. Without anymore words, he pulled himself on the bed and starting kissing Taylor, his hands wrapping themselves around his waist, their kissing becoming more intense with every second. 

"I love you too Taylor. The first day I saw you, I knew I would love you." 

Getting up from the bed, Colton shut the hospital room and walked back to the bed, taking off his clothes and getting into bed with Taylor, kissing him once again. 

The End

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