Chapter TwelveMature

It was like a scene from a horror movie and Taylor couldn't believe what he was seeing. At first look, he thought this might be a joke, but as the policemen grabbed David and shoved him to the ground as the hospital staff pulled Colton onto a stretcher, Taylor realized this was not in fact a joke or a movie, this was really happening. All he remembered was yelling Colton's name over and over again as they took him away and the evil smirk plastered on David's face. 

Taylor might have been healing after his attempt, but every muscle in his body started charging towards David. He was yelling profanities as he ran towards him, ready to do something terrible. That was until he felt his body being held back, Jeff was holding him in the room, keeping him from doing what he knew Taylor was going to do. As much as he struggled, Jeff's grip just got tighter. 

He finally turned around and started crying, pulling himself into Jeff's chest, tears wetting the shirt he was wearing. He couldn't stop, his mind was racing a million miles per minute. As much as Colton had hurt him, he did not deserve what he went through. He could see his lifeless looking body being taken away and he lost it. He didn't want it to end this way, he didn't want him to think he hated him. 

He murmured something into Jeff's chest, but he couldn't understand himself. The world around him was going in extreme slow motion and he didn't know what to do. He was crying, his eyes were starting to sting with redness and he couldn't feel his body, he just fell to his knees as Jeff held him. 

Doctor Wales to emergency surgery please. Doctor Wales to emergency surgery. 

Taylor froze, he couldn't think of anything besides what Colton was going through. Was he going to die? Would Taylor regret being mad at him this entire time? Was he coming to see him before he was stabbed? 

"Jeff...what's happening? Why is this happening?" 

Jeff just held Taylor, petting his hair slightly and rocking him as much as he could. He could feel the pain radiating from Taylor's small frame, but he knew he needed to keep it together or this would end even worse then it had. As he watched David get taken away, yelling something to Taylor, Jeff just glared and held his hands over Taylor's ears. 

"Don't worry buddy, everything will be okay." 

Taylor quietly replied, taking in a deep breathe, "Promise?" 

"Promise." Jeff knew he was making a promise he couldn't possibly know the answer to, but he couldn’t help himself, he could hear the desperation in Taylor's voice. Did he really love this boy more than even Jeff could tell? 

The warm summer air filled the room as Jeff helped Taylor back onto his bed, lying next to him and rubbing his back lightly. He could hear Taylor's soft snores as he fell asleep and he remained in the bed, holding Taylor and thinking about everything that was going on. 

What would happen to Taylor if Colton died today? Would he be able to handle the news or would he try to end his life again. What if he succeeded in doing it this time? What if nothing was holding him back this time and he found a way to actually do it? The thought scared Jeff, he did not want to lose his best friend. 

As he looked down at the smaller boy, Jeff wanted to kiss him. Wait? He wanted to kiss him? Where the hell did that come from, Jeff had never had a thought like that before. Was it the fact Taylor was slowly breaking and Jeff just wanted to protect him? Or was it something deeper that even he didn't know about. As he slowly let his arms untangle themselves from Taylor, he got up and paced the room. Emotions were running through his body uncontrollably and he did not know what to think about the situation right now. 

"Are you okay, Jeff?" 

Looking over at the door, he saw Taylor's mom walking into the room, her hair a mess and her face jaded with guilt. She looked extremely tired right now, but I guess that was expected, her son did try to kill himself. 

Nodding, Jeff sat on the chair by the window, "Just thinking about everything. I don't know what I'm feeling right now to be completely honest. This whole situation confuses me and everything I thought I knew about the world is slowly drifting apart." 

Mrs. Gisswald sat down next to Jeff, putting her lanky arm around his shoulders, "What exactly do you mean, Jeff? I know what Taylor did was pretty rough on the both of us, but you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. What exactly is confusing you?" 

Jeff put his head on her shoulder, "I've just been having this feelings lately and I don't know how to describe them. I have never felt like this for someone before and it confuses me. Taylor is my best friend, but lately I've felt something more than friendship for him, but I'm straight … or at least I thought I was." 

Taylor's mom looked surprised, "Wait, you're questioning your sexuality? What exactly do you mean?" 

Jeff looked around the room, making sure nobody was listening to their conversation, "I think I may be in love with Taylor. I don't even know how this happened, but I just had this terrible emotion when I saw him in pain. I just wanted to protect him." 

Before either of them could say another word, Taylor turned his head towards both of them, shock sitting on his face. Sitting up on the bed, Jeff felt his heartbeat getting faster, had Taylor just heard everything they had said, did he listen to their whole conversation? He started sweating. 

"Wait, did you just say you love me?" 

The End

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