Chapter TenMature

To say he wasn't thinking about what he was doing when he jumped off the seventh street bridge would have been an understatement. It just happened, without any thought process. As he feel through the air and hit the water below him, Taylor finally had his second thought. He plummeted into the cold water and his mind started racing with all the reasons why he shouldn't have done this, and as the blackness engulfed his thoughts and the water slowly started entering his lungs, he remembered his pact with Jeff, how he would always be there for him, especially after his parents abandoned him. 

Flashback, three years ago 

"What do you mean they told you to get out, you're thirteen Jeff! That's just not right, they have to provide for you until you're at least eighteen!" Taylor had his fists clenched to his side and his ragged breathe cut through his nose like daggers. He had just been told probably the shittest news he had ever heard and he was about to go do something dramatic. 

"They don't want me. My sister is number one to them, and I at least still have my dad. You need to remember this is my step-dad and my mother." Taking a small bite of the sandwich Taylor's mom had made, Jeff looked exhausted. 

"I'll kill them. They can't do this, you've done nothing wrong. I don't understand. Why are they even kicking you out?" 

Jeff started to move uncomfortably in his chair, "It's nothing Taylor, they just don't want me there. It's not that big of a deal, I'll move on." 

Taylor thought of his next words carefully, evaluating everything he needed to say and how he wouldn't want to upset Jeff, "Well, I'll always be here for you. And my parents will always be your second parents, they'll take better care of you then your parents ever did." He looked around the room, "What is mine will be yours, how about that? We'll make a pact or something." 

Jeff let out of dramatic sigh, "This is why they kicked me out in the first place, Taylor. They think we have something either than friendship going on, they don't want a gay son, even if I tried explaining to them I'm not gay and you're just my best friend." 

Taking a deep breath, Taylor put his head on the pillows on his bed, "They really think we're doing something together? Don't get me wrong, you're super cute, but you're just not my type. You like the complete opposite things I like … plus, I'd need to date someone on the soccer team … football is not my thing." 

Letting out a small chuckle, Jeff lied next to Taylor, putting his head on his chest, "You like art too much, I can't even draw a simple stick man without it looking like a ball with legs." 

Taylor wrapped his left arm around Jeff's body, pressing him closer to him, "Plus, I'm like … in love with this Colton guy and I really don't think you could worm your way into my heart the way he did. Even if your cuddles are probably one of the best." 

Jeff lightly hit Taylor's chest, "My cuddles are the best. You know you'd get with me if given the chance." 

Taylor chuckled to himself, "I would rather be with Colton. He's so gorgeous and I adore him. I really wish he would just notice me once, then he would see I'm really not that bad. I may not be the best looking guy, but at least I have a proportionate body. I saw him yesterday with fish lips, I really don't see what he sees in that guy." 

Jeff laughed, holding his stomach, "Okay, so we all know you're in love with Colton Nate. Well, everyone except maybe Colton himself. But he's really not the best thing in the world, I'm sure you could find someone that appreciates and notices you, no?" 

Taylor stared at the ceiling, his mind intertwined with thoughts of Colton, "You don't understand, Jeff. The way his hair falls slightly into his eyes, which by the way are gorgeous, even if they only are pink. And even though he looks like a ghost, you can see it when he blushes worse than everything else, and it's just adorable. Plus, he's on the soccer team and he makes me fly with butterflies every time I watch him play. I could be the Victoria to his David, if you get my drift." 

Getting up, Jeff gave Taylor a cock-eyed grin, "Oh my god, did you honestly just make that reference? Would you even be Victoria, I'd feel like you'd be the David in that relationship. He's a lot more girly than you, plus … he's look good in a little Gucci dress. 

Taylor shot up straight in his bed, "Did you just make a Spice Girls Movie reference!?" Excitement rose in Taylor's head, making him smile that goofy grin he got when he had an idea. 

"No … we are not watching..." Before he could finish his sentence, Jeff was being pulled into the living room. "OKAY FINE! We'll watch it! But you need to make me a promise." 

Taylor looked at Jeff, his heart beating loudly, "What?" 

Jeff looked at the ground, "Make me a pact you'll never let Colton get between us. We'll always be the best of friends, even if you get married and make little albino babies?" 

Taylor laughed, "Obviously." He stuck his hand out and shook Jeff's hand. "Best friends forever." 

Jeff sat down on the couch, "Alright, let's spice up our lives!" 

As Taylor put in the movie, he got a shock from the VHS and backed up, closing his eyes. He could hear Jeff yelling at him. 

"Taylor, wake up! Are you okay? Taylor! Are you okay!? Taylor, please … Taylor …" His words were drowed up by tears. 

And then suddenly, Taylor's eyes opened to a white room. 

The End

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