Chapter NineMature

Taylor stood on the doorstep of the person he hated the most right now, it was a few hours before he had his date with Colton, but he couldn't wait for another day to talk to David, he was furious with what was happening and the black eye made him want to lose his mind. He had his fists balled up and he was ready to give David a punch in the eye himself. He needed to cool down, but the thoughts running through his head were absolutely deafening, they all were yelling at him about how David deserved what he got. 

Taking a deep breathe, he knocked on the door, breathing in and out as much as he could. He would try to keep his temper in check, the last thing he needed was an assault charge from his ex. The door opened and a smirking, condescending David answered. 

"Well, couldn't wait the extra night to see me hey. I guess Colton isn't the special, seeing as you would rather come to me house." 

He pushed his buttons. 

Winding up and smoking him in the face, making him stumble backwards and fall into the stairs behind the door, Taylor didn't even think about it, it just happened. he was so mad, so unbelievably mad. He was now yelling, He didn't even remember starting to yell. 

"You need to back off, David. You need to get the hell away from my life and stay the hell away. I don't need you beating up a guy that I happen to really like. You used me and then threw me away when I left. I don't want you back, I never want you back. You are subhuman to me, you are something I never wanted to love in the first place. So back off and get out of my life." 

Even if Taylor had just let David have one of his best swings, that smirk never left his face, "Oh naïve and special little Taylor, you don't even know what's going on. Do you think Colton actually likes you, do you actually think he's going on this date with you because he LIKES you?" He spat venom at Taylor, trying to create wounds he could do without. 

"What are you talking about, David? Why should I trust anything you say, you're an evil little imp. I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you." Maybe coming here was a bad idea, Taylor could feel the anger boiling ever worse then he thought. He felt like the kettle his mom used to make her tea. 

"That's your problem, you always assume the best out of everyone. It's what I found most attractive at first, but now I see how detrimental it is to your health. Colton doesn't like you, not even in the slightest, he is just a pawn in this game I've created. You're the character that always gets hurt." 

Confusion ran through his mind, was he really being used as a pawn? Was Colton really not interested in him? What was David even talking about right now? 

"Do you even know why he started talking to you? Do you think it was some divine intervention or something?" 

Taylor was ready to hit him again, but maybe he should ask him what he's mumbling on about. "Tell me, David. Enlighten me with your wisdom." Taylor was being sarcastic, but he was getting curious. 

"It's a bet, Taylor. We have a bet going on, you're nothing but the causality, I was going to make you hurt the same way you made me hurt. And seeing as you and me are far from ever getting back together, I decided to use the next best thing, the cute guy at your school. Debra has been telling me about your obsession with this guy, so I met him and decided to use him against you. He likes me, so he'll do what I need. Even if it means you're going to be a crying little bitch at the end." 

Taylor did not think it would hurt that much, he couldn't believe that Colton had a bet going on. He did have one too, but at least his wasn't malicious. How could the fair skinned boy do this? Was he really more sinister than he thought? "What … what do you mean?" 

David laughed, "He's going to make you fall in love with him, Then, when you've been totally smitten, he's going to break that heart of yours. You'll be alone again, you'll be hurting and I will laugh. Just like the way you laughed when you broke my heart. I'm just being as cold and heartless as you were." 

"You found someone else, David! You fell in love with some other guy, you were absolutely in love with that guy. What was I supposed to do? Wallow over you and wish you would come back to me? You know I'm not like that, you know I'll never feel the same way about you, you are the one that initially broke my heart. How the hell was I cold and heartless? You're a daft ass, you are." He was crying, but he didn't even know why. Taylor had so many thoughts running through his head, he wanted to just run away. He looked at David, who was now laughing. Turning around, Taylor ran out of the house, tears spilling out onto the ground. 

His phone was going off, it was Colton. He swung the phone onto his ear and cried into it, "You're a monster. Don't call me, ever." With that he took his phone and threw it into the wet grass. He could hear Colton yelling at him, but he just kept running, the voice in his head telling him it was time to go. 

He knew he didn't want this anymore, the hurt was too much. Taylor got to the bridge by seventh street and did what he never thought, he just jumped. 

The End

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