Chapter SevenMature

last night, David's house 

"Well, tomorrow is the date night? Do you think you have him convinced you actually like him?" David's deep voice boomed into Colton's head, who was starting to have a headache. "Do you think you gave a convincing performance?" 

Colton mumbled slightly, "I don't know if I can do this anymore." 

"What did you say, pipsqueak?" 

Colton looked up at David, his eyes glowing slightly, "I said I don't think we should do this." 

David stood up from the chair, he was much taller than Colton and his height had been used many of times to intimidate people before, "What did you say to me?" He moved closer to Colton, who was trying not to flinch or get scared of the bigger boy, he didn't want to do this bet anymore and he certainly had a choice. 

"I'm not going to be your pawn. I quit, I'm going on a date with him for my own interest, not yours." Starting to walk away, Debra moved in front of him, an evil smirk on her face. 

"You don't talk to David like that and get away." She pushed his shoulder, moving him towards David again. Feeling like this was the mafia, Colton turned around and looked David in the eye, he had choices to make. 

"I said no. End of story, stop trying to force me to do what I don't want to do." Moving again towards the door, Debra pulled at his hair, flinging him down on the floor by David. He squinted as she pulled his hair but he kept staring at David, "Don't make me tell your mother what you're planning." 

That's when David's fist found Colton's small, fragile face. His head popped back as he hit the floor. It stung for a second and within a few seconds, the black mark on his face was extremely clear. Colton stood up and touched his eye, wincing at the sudden pain he felt. He looked over at David, his heart racing thirty times faster. He couldn't believe that David had actually just hit him. 

"Who the hell do you think you are, David?" He moved towards him, his small frame puffed up slightly, he was not afraid. "You just hit a god damn child, do you know what that means? I'll go tell the god damn police and you'll be charged with a lot more than just an assault charge. 

Debra pushed Colton, letting him hit the ground a second time, "You will do no such thing, I'll say I did it as self-defense." Looking at her nails, she quickly looked back at Colton, "Now, you're going ahead with this bet and you'll enjoy hurting that prick. If you don't there's a lot more punches in your future." 

"I can't do it! Why don't you people understand? I'm not going to hurt Taylor the way you want to, I don't even know the full reason why you hate him so much. He moved away and you moved on from him! It wasn't the other way around, he never started dating again, you were having relations with that other guy way before Taylor and I even met, so what the hell is your problem, David?" He was fuming, trying to hold back all the anger he was feeling. David was not being a very good friend right now, maybe he should just talk to Taylor about what happened. 

David was now yelling, the vain in his neck slightly bulging out, "I moved on because that little prick stopped talking to me all together. One day we were boyfriends and the next he never came to visit, he never came to say hi and he never looked back. He didn't care that I was hurting inside, he didn't care that I really needed to see him. I only started dating that other guy so maybe if Taylor ever found out he would be so sad and upset and he would come begging for me back. But he never did, he never came back, he just forgot about me. Nobody and I mean NOBODY forgets about David god damn Lancaster!" 

Colton started laughing, "How old are you? Seriously, that was so long ago, you just need to move on and get over yourself, David. You're not that special and maybe Taylor saw that. I'm starting to fall for him and I refuse to hurt him if I don't have to. Maybe I actually want to date him and be real boyfriends, maybe I don't even think I'll hurt him, no matter how much you threaten me!" He was now yelling, his irritation was greatly influenced by the fact neither of the Lancaster children got the fact he wasn't going through with this stupid bet. 

Before he could stop it, another fist hit the same eye. Wincing in pain again as he fell backwards, Colton gripped his eye. "What the hell is your problem!?" 

David looked down at the boy, "You will do what I say, do you understand me? You will make that boy hurt and you will enjoy the fact you are doing it. In the end of it all, he will come back to me and apologize and we will be lovers again. That’s how this is going to work, do you understand me? Any more god damn mix-ups or pleadings will end with another black eye. You are the pawn, Colton and I am the King. Thank you." 

Nodding, Colton walked out the door, tears sliding down his face, stinging his fresh new black eye. He didn't know what to do, what would he tell Taylor when he saw him tomorrow? Would he let the bet leak out or would he make up some stupid story? Thinking about it, he decided on making up some stupid story. He needed to figure this David thing out himself. The last thing he needed was Taylor to get hurt. 

Or maybe he could get Taylor to hurt David? 

The End

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