Chapter FourMature

Taylor stared at Colton, a small smile hitting his lips as he moved in closer, pulling his hand through his white blonde hair. Looking into his eyes, he could see a slight ring of silver etched along the side of his pink eyes. Moving his face closer to Colton, he lightly kissed his lips. "You're beautiful" he muttered to him, pushing his chest slightly against the other boy's. He could feel his temperature rising as he quickly destroyed any space in between the two of them. 

Their lips continued to collide as Taylor pushed Colton against the lockers, his hands finding their way around the smaller boys hips. Before long, Taylor found himself taking off Colton's shirt, his toned body making an entrance to the world around them. Pushing as hard as he could against Colton's body, Taylor started to kiss his neck, small moans escaping Colton's lips. 

"We're in the middle of the school." Colton managed to get the words out before Taylor started to take his own shirt off, throwing it in the middle of the hallway. 

Before Colton could object anymore, Taylor grabbed his neck and pushed him into the closest empty classroom. Colton's pants were the next thing to come off as Taylor roughly pushed him onto the teacher's desk.  

"Taylor … Taylor..." 

"Hey Taylor, you doing okay?" 

The question had been hanging in the air for a couple minutes while Taylor daydreamed his way into Colton's pants. Looking up into the boys eyes, Taylor turned a few shades of dark red. He couldn't believe he had those dirty thoughts while he was standing right there. He hoped to god Colton had not seen the excitement growing in his pants. 

"Sorry, I just had a moment. Did you really just ask me out? Thee Colton Nate just asked me out?" Taylor was trying to hold back his emotions, but the inside of him was having a fan girling moment. 

Colton frowned, his brows making an arching sensation as he looked down at the ground, "Why is it that I'm this big deal? I'm nothing special, really. I don't think you even know what it means that I'm thee Colton Nate." 

Taylor was taken a back slightly, "You are called that because you're so mysterious … and gorgeous … and … you're like a Greek God!" 

Colton felt a sensation hitting his stomach with a force he had never felt before, his mind wandered around to the bet he had made and why he had actually asked Taylor out. Was he really going to go through with this bet? He couldn't even imagine hurting the boy like they had planned, but it was a few hundred dollars he could use in the future. But looking in this boy's eyes, he didn't know if he even wanted to go through with it anymore. Looking at the ground once more, he took a deep breathe in and sighed, "You didn't really answer my question though, would you like to go out with me? Does this Friday work for you?" 

"I didn't think I'd have to answer, because I thought it was an obvious yes! I can't even believe you asked me out. I'm free Friday and even if I'm not I'll make sure all my plans are cancelled." A bell sounded that it was time for class, Taylor frowned at the thought of leaving Colton right now, "But I really need to get to Social or else I'll be marked late again and my mother will get a phonecall, which will end in me being grounded. And I really can't cancel a grounding." 

"I'll see you later, Taylor. We should get working on this project." Colton looked slightly sad, but he kept it in check. "I'll see you in Computer class." Walking away, Taylor couldn't help but watch him walk, staring at him turning the corner at the end of the hallway. 

Excitement finally boiled over and Taylor found himself running to Social class, looking around the classroom for Jeff. He finally saw him talking to Debra, which meant he was trying to flirt his way into a date. Taylor knew Jeff hated being interrupted when he was talking to her, but Taylor wanted to badly to tell Jeff he was winning this bet, it was clear in the stars. 

"Hey Debra!" Walking over the couple, Taylor found a seat next to both of them, "Is Jeff still trying to get you to go out with him?" 

Jeff shot Taylor an annoyed look, which Debra just giggled at, "Been trying since third grade, Taylor. I wonder when he'll give up?" 

Taylor shrugged, "You could just go on a date with him, maybe you'd learn to love him. He's really not as bad as everyone makes him out to seem. I'd date him if he liked boys, not going to lie here." Putting an arm around Jeff, Taylor started to giggle, "Maybe you could learn to like boys too, then we could date. You know our parents would be super excited about that." 

Jeff shook Taylor's arm off him and grunted, "Whatever." As Debra turned around, Taylor excitedly poked Jeff's arm, trying to get his attention back. 

"You'll never guess what just happened to me!" His eyes were dancing with excitement, which Jeff did not return. 

"What happened to you Taylor, you realized you're a jerk, tryna mess up your best friend's love life?" Even if he sounded mad, a playful smirk crossed his lips. Jeff could never be mad at Taylor. 

"He asked me out." 

"Who asked you out?" 


Jeff mad a face, his mouth slightly hanging over, "He did what?" 

"He asked me out. At lunch. This Friday. Looks like this bet may be easier than I thought." 

Debra glanced over her shoulder, a very devious smile hitting her face when she texted her brother, Colton asked him out. Phase one if complete. Phase two is on Friday. Phase three is soon after. I hope he cries. 

The End

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