Chapter TwoMature

Taylor was standing at the edge of the desk, watching the teachers every move. He couldn't understand exactly what was supposed to happen, but he knew he had to try and chance his mind or else he would end up working with Colton. Working with Colton wasn't the problem, it was the fact he was working with him in the first place. A reserved human being is what Colton was and he didn't want to make any wrong moves that would make Colton think Taylor had any interest in him, friendly or romantically. 

"Mister Lachose, I just think this is a bad idea. Colton is not the type to work with people and honestly, I don't want to be the first. You know as well as I do what he's like, how could you possibly think teaming him up with anyone would be a good idea?" Irritation was running rampant through his voice, but Taylor couldn't care less right now, he needed to make the teacher understand what he was doing right now. 

"This is a huge project that could take over a few months for just a partnership, imagine what would happen if I made everyone do this separately. You and I both know this would be a project that would take a single person over a year to complete. Along with graphics and text, it needs to be something the school would be proud to show to the entire internet universe. That could take up some valuable time that could be used for other classes. You have other studies besides this one and you need to not focus solely on this one. So please, you will be partners with Colton and you will have to learn to like it." 

Taken aback, Taylor gave him best hurt face, "You used to be my favourite teacher, but now I am starting to rethink your position." Turning on his heels, he headed towards the door, ignoring the teacher yelling after him, he could get detention for all he cared. He was the one who had to work with Colton and even if he smiled at him, he was still going to have to deal with a recluse, which was more work then he had wanted to do in any class. 

Opening the door and stepping outside, he slammed it shut and stocked away, weighing heavily on the balls of his feet. As he turned the corner towards the cafeteria, he collided with someone else making their way down the small hallways. Hitting the ground with a loud thud, Taylor cursed the person he had ran into. 

"Why don't you watch out where you're going, you could break someone's neck like that." Running his temples as he felt a slight headache coming on from the impact, Taylor looked up to be face to face with his computer partner. 

"I think you meant to say sorry for running into you, it won't happen again." Holding out his delicate white hand, Colton was waiting for Taylor to get up. 

Mumbling to himself, Taylor ignored the gesture and got up himself, dusting off the dirt that had now found its way onto his pants. He picked up his backpack and headed out towards the opposite direction, ready to murder the next person he came in contact with. 

"Wait, Koch! I need to give you my number so we can work together this week on this project. Are you free Friday afternoon?" 

Taylor stopped, he didn’t know Colton even knew his first name, let alone his last name as well. Turning on the heels of his feet, he watched the taller boy make his way over in his direction, which made butterflies start roaming around in his stomach. Colton Nate was willingly giving him his phone number, this was absolutely the best thing that had ever happened to him of late. 

"Your number? Why couldn't we just work together in class?" 

A small smile hit Colton's face as he handed Taylor a small ripped piece of notebook paper, "We can work in class, but not together. You're always with that boyfriend of yours and so I don't want to get in the middle. You can work on text and I'll work on graphics, seeing as I majored in that last year. Is that okay with you?" 

A snort left Taylor nose, "My boyfriend?" 

Colton gave him a confused look, "Is his name Jeff or something? I always see you guys together and I just assumed you were dating. I'm not the only one though. If you don't want to work alone, you can invite him. I don't know if he's the jealous type at all." 

Taylor started laughing, it's all he could do at the current situation. Someone, well a few people actually thought him and Jeff were a couple? Jeff Langston and Taylor Koch!? Was he being serious right now? A look at Colton verified he actually thought they were a couple, which made Taylor laugh even harder, holding his stomach as the boisterous laugh left his body. 

Finally, finding enough wind in his lungs to talk, Taylor gave Colton a disgusted look, "Jeff is my best friend, he is not my boyfriend. We've known each other since our diaper days, that's all. Who else thinks we're dating, because this rumor is probably the funniest thing I have ever heard." 

"Well... almost everyone. Wait, that means your single?" 

Another laugh forcefully left Taylor's lips, this was the best thing he had ever heard. Now Colton was asking if he was single, what did he even care? It's not like he wanted to date Taylor or anything. Trying to calm himself down, he quickly grabbed the wall and held on, holding his stomach and taking as many deep breathes as he could muster. 

"Yea, I've been single for a few months. Why do you even want to ask?" 

Colton looked towards Taylor, his cheeks turning red, "Well see... that means I can ask you out, right?" 

The End

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