Chapter OneMature

Synopsis: "Two hundred dollars says you can't!" Jeff poked Taylor's stomach. "Two hundred dollars says I can!" Taylor retorted, pushing Jeff's shoulder. The bet is on. Taylor now just needs to make the reclusive and mysterious Colton Nate fall in love with him.

Looking at the computer screen, Taylor was trying to find the perfect outfit. He had been searching for what seemed like years, but when he looked at the small computer clock, he realized it had only been fifteen minutes. Sighing to himself he looked at what his friend beside him was doing. Looking at porn, of course.

"Is that all you do with your time, Jeff? Porn is an addiction, and you need some serious help. No wonder Debra won't date you, she's scared you expect her to do those things." Taylor pushed his friend slightly, making his chair tilt slightly.

"She won't date me because she thinks I'm a loser. I haven't had sex in a month, Taylor. Do you know what that could do to a man?"

Rolling his eyes, Taylor returned his attention to his own computer screen, he still had a half hour left of class and honestly, he really didn't want to be here. The only reason he showed up to computer class was for the amusement his best friend brought him and the hottest guy on earth sitting at the other side of the room.

Colton Nate was perfect, well at least in Taylor's eyes. Looking in from someone else's perspective, you might consider him ugly. Colton was actually what science liked to call "Albinism", someone who, at birth, had a body unable to create or distribute melanin throughout the person's body. That made him extremely pale, literally like a ghost. His hair covered most of his face, except for his cutely thin mouth, so most people on campus gossiped about his eye colour, because nobody has actually seen his eyes. Some say they were blue or green, some speculated they were gold or silver. But after an extensive google process, Taylor reckoned they were red or pink. He thought they would be beautiful, if he'd ever show me them. His body was thin, it looked almost like he didn't eat that much, but after an accidental walk-in in the gym's showers, I knew he had a slightly four pack, which was enough muscle for Taylor.

Sighing, Taylor found himself staring at Colton, who was busy doing something on his computer. He really wished he would talk to him or something, but Taylor knew he was mysterious and rarely said any words. Even when the teacher would call on him, he'd just smile and nod, making the teacher uncomfortable and move on to another student.

"You're in love with a guy you've never even spoken three words to this entire year." Taylor could hear Jeff snickering, his condensation was rapid throughout his voice.

"Hey! I've said..." Trailing off in thought until he was brought back to reality by my brain, "... two words to him this entire year." Jeff was right, Taylor had not said more than three words to him this entire year, but he was fascinated with the boy. "He's mysterious, like one of those old books we found in the library last year. Most of the pages had either faded or were ripped out."

Jeff snorted, "Yea, except if it wasn't for his clothes, you could probably see his organs. That kid is pale, Taylor. He looks like he hasn't suntanned in his entire life. He could be a vampire."

It was Taylor's turn to snort, "Vampires are not real, Jeff. And he can't go in the sun for too long, he's a-l-b-i-n-o." Making sure to sound out the word, hoping to make Jeff feel bad, a satisfied smile hit Taylor's

lips when Jeff coughed and turned away, saying sorry as quietly as possible.

"Have you found what you want to wear to my dad's wedding?"

Turning to Jeff, Taylor noticed he was looking at his computer screen which had been stuck on a clothing store page for several minutes. Making a face, Taylor scrunched up his nose and clicked the little red x button, "No, what am I supposed to wear. Do you even wear something formal to someone's tenth marriage?"

That got a slight chuckle out of Jeff, who put his hand on Taylor's shoulder, "But Taylor, she's the one!" Making a face of disgust, Jeff sighed, "I have to be there in formal wear, my dad is convinced that Jenn is his soulmate and she will be around forever. So I have to look like I care or something. Honestly, you'd think he'd just give up already. The only nine were soulmates as well, and look how that turned out. I'm surprised he even has money left after all those."

"Oh well, I guess he just believes in true love." Taylor's speech was cut off by the teacher, who had the smile on his face like he was about to do something evil. Oh god, he was about to announce something to do with partners!

"Alright class, as you know the school needs a new website. They have asked us to create one in groups of two. So I will read off your partner and starting in tomorrow's class, you will all create a website. The winning group will win a year's tuition next year, so make them good." He brought out his piece of paper and started reading off names. Hoping to god he would be with Jeff, Taylor held his breath and waiting for the results.

"Taylor Gisswald and Colton Nate".

His world stopped, everyone was now looking at him. He was partners with Colton Nate, thee Colton Nate. How did this happen? Everyone knew the teacher specifically made Colton work alone, seeing as he hated everyone around him. Taking a deep breath, Taylor looked over at Colton.

That's when he saw him smile at him.

Jeff smirked, poking Taylor's stomach, "Now's your chance, brother. Two hundred bucks says you can't make him fall in love with you."

Taylor laughed, pushing Jeff's shoulder, "Two hundred bucks says I can."

The bet was on.

Now, it was time to make Colton Nate fall in love with Taylor.

The End

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