People are first, awestruck when they see me. Then suddenly, their expression changes one from awe, to surprise, then terror. They quickly avert their eyes. I know what they’re staring at- first, my sculpture-like beauty, and then, my black, hollow eyes. They never have any light in them- not even a reflection. I walk by them with fast, stiff strides- graceful, but terrifyingly so. As I walk through the crowd, people almost jump out of the way, afraid to even touch me. Well… I had worse. This is just a minor, common happening for me- Because I’m a Betrayer.

My parents were Defendants of the old Government- they fought against the New Government, and the Rebels. When the New Government took over, they, with other high-ranked Defendants, got sent to labs in the outskirts of the city. All the high-ranked Defendants became test subjects, and they tried to change my parents (among other people) into freaks of nature, bestowing them with unreal powers. They also tried to force my parents’ brains into their will, putting their power into the New Government’s control. However, my parents somehow resisted, and ran away. They lived inside an old, abandoned church basement, and then they had me. However, being mutants, they passed on their freak genes into me. So now, I’m a natural mutant. I’m a Betrayer. Betrayers are the offspring of the original Defendants- the ones who ran away and passed their genes onto their sons/daughters. We’re not sought after- some people were “merciful” enough to convince the Government that Betrayers are innocent- but the Government wanted to take us in, “Guilty of Association” they had said. However, it’s like a punishment not being in testing- at least we wouldn’t have people jeering at us wherever we went if we were. Actually, they’re too scared to openly call us names-but I suppose they do that behind our backs. Oh. By “our” I mean the Betrayers. All the Betrayers in this city- even if there are only 4 of them in total- live together, in the same old, abandoned church our parents hid in. Now we’re just circus freaks, just freaks that don’t perform in front of crowds.

I walked into the door of the old church, and made my way downstairs, into the cool, dark basement. I saw everyone was there- even Steven, who was almost always away- and Celina greeted me- her power is if anyone looks into her eyes, she can bend their will to do whatever she wants. No one dare looks into her blue eyes- she doesn’t use her power, anyway.

“Welcome back, Kelly- did you buy the groceries I told you to?”

“She did.” Jake said simply. Jake had the ability of reading minds- but only if he wanted to. I held up the plastic bag containing the groceries. Kelly grinned at me- I wasn’t afraid to look in her eyes, so I looked directly in her eye and smiled widely. Kelly was used to my empty eyes too, so she didn’t shudder or anything when I looked. Steven was just sitting on the ragged couch- he didn’t look my way or say anything. No one knew what his power was- except maybe Jake, but he would never tell anyone.

“MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW EVERYONE!!” I yelled out, trying to switch the gloomy mood everyone could sense, but didn’t mention.

“So what… You’re turning 17… big deal…” Steven said sleepily and sarcastically too.

“That’s the first thing you said to me all day and it’s not even nice.” I glared at him.

 Jake looked at me and said quietly, almost serenely, “No killing Steven, Kelly.”

“Why not? It’d save me some time today.” I said stiffly, still maintaining the glare on Steven, but everyone knew I was being sarcastic.

“Calm down,” Steven grinned devilishly and commented, “You’re worse than the fat Government official lady who came to give us a warning about excessive murder.”

“Whatever.” I muttered, and ducked out of the room. I marched to my room, an old, used-to-be wine cellar, which I shared with Celina. I plopped onto the bed, and curled into a ball on myself. ‘I didn’t want to be a monster- no one even gave me a choice.’ I thought sadly, and remembered that Jake could read minds. I desperately hoped Jake wasn't paying any attention, and I stuffed myself into the musty bed and forced myself into sleep.

The End

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