Euclid Xylander prepared himself for his work. Sitting out in a black sedan as the engine cools, the rain beating a soft drum against the windscreen. Sending a prayer out into the night, make me strong, keep my hand sure. A mantra flowing through his thoughts. Stepping out into the night and throwing the hood of his cloak across his grey wiry hair. Scratching his rough beard with one hand, the other clasping a case holding tools for his macabre task. As Euclid made his way up the walk to the unlit Victorian mansion with all the shutters closed and the double doors made of a dark oak closed tightly, his prey‘s cage he thinks as the streetlights reflected in the rippling pools cast by the rain. The normally locked front door opens easily as this dark hunter sets himself to kill. Gliding across the marble flooring that bounces the moonlight let in from the large windows and silently yet swiftly making his way up the stairs eyes not deviating to look at the family pictures hung on the wall beside him. The blank faces smiling at him. Walking into the lavish room , soundlessly setting the crimson velvet case on a dresser. The case holding the unfortunate end of the man in the bed quietly snoring. Xylander sliding the silver shafts together creating making a small ping as they connect to make a two foot long steel spike. Next comes the hammer nested between the folds of cloth that rest in his case. Raising the spike over his victim, lowing it less than an inch over his right eye.
He who betrays the trust of The Eircourt must pay.

    Nathan Goss lay asleep in his bed. Not aware of the three pound steel spike hovering above his right eye almost close enough to remove his eyelid if he were to move too suddenly. But he wont move. Not tonight. Dreaming of the one who once occupied the other side of his bed, hearing her screams, his face alight with joy. Never thinking that his fate might soon be one so close to hers. The one he set upon her. A sudden jolt and his eyes snap open never moving a muscle.
    “Hello Nathan” a soft voice echo’s in the room. “you have failed to meet your end of the accord and now your end you shall meet.”
    “I will get it I swear.” a soft panicked voice makes its way out of his mouth as his vision blurs looking at the point of the spike seeing it in double vision.
    “There is no extensions on Meriths contracts” the voice of the stranger is soothing to Nathan’s ears as Xylander speaks.
    “We did as you asked. You wife lay dead in the earth not a month gone and you lay sleeping in bed without giving us the talisman. You disappoint me.” Xylander whispers barely reaching his victim, but heard very clearly. Nathan’s chest starts to rise faster as his realization of his death sweeps over him. A cold feeling creeps up his body. The feeling of death he thinks.
    “your time has come” Euclid whispers as he raises his spear, his target is immobilized by fear. Letting the spike fall splitting Goss’ pupil in two, slicing through his retina and cornea lodging itself in his skull. A deafening scream erupts from his lips as his body contorts to create shapes that are not meant to be made by human bodies but his head never moves. The dark man who caused Nathan such pain not phased by such shrill screaming raises his mallet and strikes down once upon the head of the spike nailing his prey to the bed. Another scream starts in the throat but produces nothing more than a weak gurgle caught in the dead mans throat.  Xylander grabs his case and walks out of the room to let body to be found by another. Leaving the front door of the house open and making his way down the street to the sound of the steady rain beat upon his cloak and the sound of a half dead streetlamp, disappearing into the night.

The End

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