First Things First


I automatically took the camera out of my bag and snapped off a couple shots, making sure I got the gun in his hand. Who would ever have thought that this boy here, the very one who taught me to shoot, would be the first person I shot? Not my first killing, no not that; I’ve been there once before but not with a gun. Oh Pete, you were such a wonderful brother. Why’d you have to throw your lot in with them? You must’ve been blind and stupid. I used to think it was you and me against the world; now look what you made me do.

     Another car swung off the road and I ran for the back door before the headlights could show me up. I locked it behind me and slipped down the lane into Mason Street where I’d left the car; I’d stolen it from a guy who works the night-shift – he wouldn’t notice it till morning and by then I’d have dumped it. I wouldn’t give a bag of nettles for my life right now, and it could only get worse – just as well I’d changed all my accounts, isn’t it? At least they wouldn’t get their hands on the money. The house could rot for all I cared – it was bad through and through, just like them. My family and other animals; isn’t that a book title?

     I jumped onto the busiest road out of town and blended in. First stop was Joe’s; he’d be waiting.

The End

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