Bestfriend? Or Boyfriend?

Well its about these 3 best friends, and a new kid they just met, and 1 of them falls for the other. But eventually sum1 getskidnapped and the 3remaing friends are on a quest to find her/him. On the way they learn each others secrets and find out powers of their own.

I was riding my bike on my way to school. I was wearing a Dark blue dress, black
tights and blue converse. You're first impression of me you'dthink i was a
girlie-girl. When really im not. Imkinda like a tomboy-girlie girlyou know what
i mean? eh u probably dont but who cares rite? Anyway whenI finally got to
school i tied my bike up to the bike rack and went straight to the tree in front
of my school, Alder Middle School,yea i kno awsome right. x] I was meeting up
with my bestfriends, Alex and Matthew. Alex is a girl its short for Alejandra.
And Matthe well.. he IS a boy as you can tell. Do i like him? No Why? Because he
was my best friend! why would i do that?(*bcuz he's cute and u'll like hiimm*)
-_- When i got to the tree i saw Alex but Matthew was no where in sight. i
called over to alex "Where's Matthew?" she shrugged her shoulders."How should i
know i dontkeep track of your boyfriend" i glared at her "HE IS NOT MY
BOYFRIEND!" i blushed hoping she wouldnt noticed. she held up her hands in
surrender."Chill Rosie i was just makin a joke" i sighed and closed my eyes.
then i felt hand covering my eyes and mouth. I heard a familiar voice. "Guess
who..." I licked his hand. "EEEWWW! why you f-in licking my hand?!"i smiled at
Matthew. "Because you tastelike chicken x]" Then this other dude jumped down
behind him. I raised an eyebrow at that dude. "Who is he?" he smiled "Oh this,"
he pointed to the guy behind him "Is Xavier." i eyed him
Why did she lick me?
i dont know. She's just weird like that. But i gotta admite.. hearing Alex
calling me Rosie's boyfriend did kinda make me blush. Its not that i liked her
or anything! After i introduced Xavier he went up to Alex and started sweet
talking her.*barf* "hey sweet thang... wats your name can i get your number" i
can tell she blushed but instead of saying anything she smacked him. "I dont
know you! Perv!" he stepped away from her holding his hands up. "Fiesty.. i like
that." i looked at rosie and started pretending to barf and choke. Alex and
Xavier looked at Rosie and I weirdly. We stood up straight and smiled a fake
smile. xDi looked at Xavier."you really need to stop bieng a perv or your gunna
drivemy friends away." he sighed "fiinnee i guess.. i'll stop if she." he
pointed at Alex "goes out with me." i looked at Alex. She sighed "weeellll i'll
thik about it"
Well Xavier is kinda cute. But he's pervy.
Well i am going to go out with him but i want to show him my mysterious side.:]
Oh if Matthew or rosie didnt tell you.Its Friday and Halloween weekend. I was
going to have a Halloween Party. It wsa gunna be SICK! like totally sick! "Hey
you guys guess what." they eyed me"what." rosie said first. i smiled."IM HAVING
A HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!! its tomorrow at 5:00 pm." They all smiled so i assume
they're coming.
*After School*Alex's house*
I went straight to my room
pulling Rosie with me. "OK first things first! wat are you going to wear for
halloween?" Rosie Bit her lip thinking. she smiled and said " Im going to be a
sexy cat. meoow how bout you? what are you going to be?" DAMN! i didnt of that!
i guess i looked stressed."-_- u dont have a costume do you?" i shook my head
She grabbed my hand and we went straight to the mall. When We got there she
dragged me to the costume store." Pick. Costume. Now!" i sighed and went through
racks and racks of costume. Finally i found somthing that i liked. a Sexy Witch
costume. I tried it on and it fit so i bought it. We went around the whole mall
buying halloween decorations for tomorrow. when our Arms got fullof decorations
we went back to my house.

The End

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