Nevermind I lied.


It is time to say some things now.

Clamber is a fun word to say.

Clamber. Clamber.

Clam. Ber.



OKay so I would just like to say that some good songs are this:

Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie

King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men

Welcome to Tally Hall by Tally Hall

You're Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars

The Cave by Mumford and Sons(and Hopeless Wanderer)

You should listen to them.

Anyway so.

Here is something fun: If you go stand in a door way and press your palms against either side of the fram for a few minutes then when you put your arms back down then what happens is they lift up all by themselves. Like that is so nuts. Try it.

Also I am thinking about doing another death battle.

How about.................. Harvey Birdman VS. Harvey Beaks?


Okay................. nevermind.

Chaos Walking is an excellent book.

I leave you now.

The End

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