Best paid gardeners

Best paid gardeners

For years Duncan had struggled to make ends meet. Low paid job,over doing the nightlife and half a dozen ex's all takin there piece of a pie, now so divided he just couldn't see how to get by.
The only escape he got nowadays was the hours he spent unwinding at the local gym thinking things over but never seeming to find the solution he so desperately needed.It was on one of these occasions that Mark turned up in the sauna.Duncan and Mark had been friends for years although they didnt see so much of each other these days.

"hey dunc hows tricks" Mark said with his usual happy smiling face,life had seemed to go well for him,good looking girlfriend of 5 years and a child on the way,good job and nice car.

"Yo mark could be better,need a new job,just cant seem to keep up with the bills at the moment". Duncan said as he wiped the beads of sweat away from his eyes.

"Maybe its not a job you need more say an oppertunity". This got Duncans attention.

"an opportunity?" Duncan was suddenly all ears.

"Yeah mate, you dont think i got all i have from just workin do you?" Mark said with a wry smile.

" I havn't the foggiest what you tellin me Mark". Duncan wanted to know more.

"You need to make use of your spare room pal" Mark said,his smile growing.

"Its more than a friggin lodger I need Mark".

"Not a lodger Dunc, you need to grow weed". The conversation stopped as someone entered the sauna.

"Fancy some food at the pub after we finish here Dunc?" Mark said and Duncan knew he couldnt say no,he was intriqued at the thought of what Mark was telling him.

They left the gym together and continued there convocation at the pub after ordering their food.

"Listen Duncan I have all the lights,water pumps, fans in my attic, since our lass moved in I haven't been able to grow a crop so I want you and I to grow from your spare room. I will look after the first couple of crops and we will split the profits down the middle".
Mark looked quite serious about the whole thing and it made Duncan relaxed, as Mark seemed to know what he was saying.

"How much from a crop and how long between paydays?". Duncan wanted to know about the money,not the risks.
"That depends on how well it grows but easilly five grand each from a room that size every twelve weeks". Mark knew he had Duncan reeled in then.

"Wont it stink the flat out? wont it be a bit on top with the neighbours?"duncan said.

"No not with the filters i use"the deal was done for Mark.

"Well im not in a possition to say no Mark really". Duncan said,and although he knew it was illegal he convinced himself that it wasnt like he was dealing,just growing it for dealers.

They made a toast.
"Best paid gardeners in town pal". Mark said and Duncan repeated with a chuckle.

Over the next month they got everything in place, boarded the room up fitted the fans,lights and feeders and waited for harvest, time past very quickly and they then spent a weekend collectin the harvest and packing it up.
They amassed slightly more than Mark thought but he was pretty much right,he had the contacts to shift the lot out of town and did so as soon as it was bagged up.
"The most inportant thing Duncan is not to say a word to anyone about where your getting money from".
Mark knew that duncan wouldnt say a word though.

"Not a word to anyone Mark". Duncan was delighted how it had gone, they trained together, drank together, it was like they where in there early twenties again.

Marks girlfeind gave birth after the second crop was harvested so he needed some time away from the gym and the crop but Duncan was now capable of looking after the plants alone. Within 9 months Duncan was debt free and lookin to endulge himself in the finer things in life, he was happy now with how things were going and none of the neighbours seemed the slightest bit suspicious.

On the eve of the forth harvest Mark turned up to help cut and bag.
"we should get a bigger premmises Duncan.double the size of the crop but stagger so they harvest every 6 weeks".

"Why the hell not Mark". Duncan was more relaxed about life than he ever was and it was all down to weed, he didnt even need to smoke the stuff for it to make him feel like he was walking on air.

The End

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