Best Friends

Best friends going through a hard time

Best Friends

    “Hey girl how you doin?” said Camille. “It’s been a while since we last talked. It’s not as fun at school without you in my bio class. I’m hoping that your parents agree to have me over this summer. Do you think that they’ll say yes? So, are there any cute guys at your new school or are you still thinking about Kyle? He doesn’t really talk about you that much when he’s around. He’s been really reclusive since you left. All kinds of weird if you ask me. Well I have to go to practice I’ll write you later.”

Your best friend,



   “So Sam, what do you think of the letter?” Camille asked. She looked at him with those big blue eyes. He was speechless for a few second then he said, “It’s good. I didn’t know you and Julie still wrote since she went to Florida with her parents.” He hugged her seeing her eyes starting to water. “It will be ok you’ll see her again. Besides it’s not as bad as having your best friend near but he won’t talk to you or hang out as often as he used to.” Sam remembered the day Julie left, Kyle did nothing but stare at her empty house from across the street. He had been sad to find out that it had caused Kyle to relapse. They were sober for four years and they both thought they would be that way for the rest of their lives. Sam sighed, “I’ve gotta run Cammie. Got some errands to run for the old man, love you and I’ll call you later.” He kissed her forehead and hugged her goodbye. He grabbed his long board and took off down the street to Kyle’s house.

      When he arrived at Kyle’s place he knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes. No answer so he went around the side into his back yard like they used to do after school. He went into the garage, seeing that the door was open into the kitchen, he walked in. “Kyle? You in here?” Sam waited for a reply, he had none. He went farther in the house and to Kyle’s bedroom. He turned the light on and saw Kyle asleep on his bed fully clothed and an empty bottle in his hand. “Kyle, wake up dawg its 3:07 in the afternoon you haven’t been out of the house all day. You need to stop being so depressed.” He threw a shoe at Kyle when he didn’t budge. Kyle groaned and opened his eyes. “What the hell do you want Sam? It’s too early for me to be up.” Kyle looks over at his clock. “Damn! I’m going to be late for work.” He shoots up from his bed and starts scrambling around. Sam sighs and looks at his hung over friend with disgust. “Kyle, its Sunday you don’t work today. You really need to get over this crap man. I hate seeing you like this.” Sam moves closer to Kyle, who was now sitting on the edge of his bed and sits down across from him. “I know your sad that Julie left for Florida four months ago, but come on this is ridiculous. Your sitting here drinking your life away, Cammie and I are your only friends left yet you still try to push us away.” Kyle started to reach for his other bottle when Sam stood up and grabbed it. “Is this all you really care about? Pathetic, you threw four years of sobriety away for nothing. You need to learn to deal with things the right way. I miss the fun smiling K-dog. Not this sad, sunken depressed wreck that’s sitting in front of me.”

   Kyle looked up at him and started crying. “It’s just I miss her so much I hate not having her here with me.” Kyle sobbed. Sam looked at what was left of his best friend and patted him on the back. “Trust me I know how you feel so does Cammie but you need to straighten up your act.” Sam gets an idea. “Kyle, come on get dressed lets go to a meeting alright. Let’s get you back on your feet and get my best friend back.” With that Kyle stopped being so involved with his depression and more worried about his life that he got up and got ready. Kyle, Sam and Camille all went to a meeting being support for one another. Sam and Cammie got their best friend back and Kyle got his life back. That summer the three friends went to Florida for summer break, reuniting the group and ending the hardship they were all going through.

The end

The End

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