The Final ChapterMature

Xian Avory stared in the East at the rising sun. A smile encroached upon his lips. A single tear dripped down his cheek. Liam would not come back. She had gone far away, into a beautiful land of peace and eternal bliss, from which she could never return.

He walked slowly into the nearby corn fields that glittered golden beneath the first rays of dawn. He relished every step, like a criminal in the gallows, savouring the feeling of the dewy grass caressing his feet and the gentle wind blowing in his hair. He felt at peace. Like the world was once again in accord. He heard the police  sirens softly in the distance, caring J.F.Turner, who had acquired Haber’s mobile, and was reading a text message a hundred times, learning the words typed out on it by heart.

Xian paid little attention to the fast approaching syrens.

He spread his hands out, and let himself fall on the soft corn beds, his hand still squeezed tightly on the gun. He listened to the sound of his breath, and his heart, slowly beating drumming in his chest. The sirens stopped outside the ware house. Xian lifted himself of the field. He looked at the frenzy of police men surrounding the barn and the exasperated and sickened look in the eyes as they looked upon their fellow officer's mangled body,

Yes, he finally knew what he secretly always knew. He knew how to end it, how to finish this blood curdling scenario.

“I’ll follow  him to the Hell.” He muttered to himself, as he lifted the gun to his temple.


“I won’t let him rest, not a second, may the devil be my witness” He smiled, as he put his fingers against the trigger.


“Death will not be his end.” His fingers tightened.


“Never. He will pay for all eternity.......” A soft click.


“With me....” The sirens began to ring ever so loud,


“For I too am responsible.....” The wind stiffened.


“Cause I broke my promise to you, sister.”


Bang. A deafening sound rang out throughout the quiet country side.

And all the world was silent.

The End

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