Chapter 8Mature

When Haber Holister read about the death of Liam Avory, his reaction was... surprisingly uncalled for.

He through the news paper in the dustbin, along with the beads she had given him 6 years ago and grunted. "Trecherous bitch!" He muttered, feeling more betrayed and angered by her apparent desertion. Any bit of guilt that beat with his heart was ebbed away by the taste of his morning coffee. He yawned as he began reading the sports paper. His phone vibrated violently in his pocket.

It was a text from Xian. He sighed heavily and began to read.

“I know what you did. Meet me in the old dairy barn on the outskirts of the city at 3:00am. If you don’t I’ll go to the police. Decide.”


Haber Holister read the message with little thought. That night he carried his pistol and a bit of mint with him, unafraid of that thin and week little boy’s threat. One look at the pistol and the boy would run scared.
The devil had yet to pull his final card... and in Habers hand there was no more than a Joker.

Perhaps if he had smelled the demonic toxin on Xian's soul, he wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot him when he had the gun pointed to the boys head. He would have felt no mercy when the boy began to cry , and beg for his life, and he definitely wouldn't have allowed Xian to whack the gun from his hand. He wouldnt have been stunned to see Xian cock the gun. It should have been easy to recognize the satanic glow in the boy's was the same as that imbedded in his own.

Haber Holister had never thought Xian could have such a malicious smile hidden somewhere behind that thin haggard face. He never thought he had the will to hold an empty toy gun in his hand, let alone pull a loaded pistol. If he only had read the thoughts crammed in Xian's twisted mind at that moment, he would have never let the boy bind his limbs together. In his very smile, one could hear the mouring of the choirs of pergatory.

By the time he realized that Xian had drawn out some kind of dark and powerful energy from the pain and hate he had succumb to, it was far too late to act according to his findings. He had already been rendered harmless, on the floor, with a gun to his temple.

"Please, don't do it." He choked out. But it was too late. Xian Avory no longer understood the point of mercy. He no longer understood the meaning of clemency.

He could see from Xian's crooked smile and the mad gleam in his eyes, that there was something worse than death planned in his mind. Haber stared at the blade of Xian's knife.

"God help me..." He mumbled. Ironically, at such a time, he seemed to recall the same words being uttered from the mouth of a young, sweet, innocent youth, before he defiled her...Before he killed her. His eyes widened with realization. He had destroyed her, but, just as he ever was, Haber Holister was just a descarded Joker, lying trodden on the floor.  



The End

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