Chapter 7Mature

On the night the sky fell...

"Haber!" Haber Holister stopped dead in the corridor, as the commanding officer stopped him dead in his tracks. "And your going where?" He could feel the sweat drip down his forehead. He frantically searched for an excuse.

"Bathroom!" He smiled sheepishly in an attempt to mask his lie. "Corn dogs. Go right threw me, I tell ya!" He gave a slight giggle. The commanding officer, J.R.Turner, raised his eyebrow, but simply walked away, allowing him to walk to the toilet. J.R.Turner was no idiot.

Haber ran into the corner cubicle, and stuffed his fat body through the window, climbed down the rope he had safely secured on the door handle, to the outside. Quite obviously, he hadn't secured it well enough. Half way down, the rope came loose, causing him to fall half a floor down. He landed on the grass bellow with only a few minor bruises, and a few scratches on his bare feet. He had left his boots on the cubicle floor in such a manner that it almost looked like he was sitting on the toilet.

That night, was Haber Holister’s fifty sixth birthday. He had decided that day, to dispose of that annoyance, Xian Avory.

It was a two minute drive to his house, and a two minute drive back. It would take five minutes to sneak in and sprinkle the antifreeze in Xian's food. He knew all too well that Xian's food was labelled in the fridge, since he and his sister had vastly different tastes.

On entering the house, he crashed into a small rickety table. It's legs were weak and termite eaten. They had shoved, nudged and bitten to breaking point. The collapsed caused a loud bang.

"Brother?" He heard Liam’s voice call out. His cheeks went red with rage.

"THAT BRATS NOT HOME!" He thought to himself as he tightened his fists. 

"Are you trying to scare me brother?"

He heard Liam’s footsteps on the stairs. He had to think fast. He couldn't let her see  him prowling around their front room like a criminal. He looked at the electric box to the side of the hall. Quick on his feet, he pried open the door, and flipped the main power.

He saw Liam’s dark figure in the blurry darkness. He reached out to tap her shoulder. She whizzed around. He had to stifle her mouth so as to keep her from yelling.

"It's OK Liam, it's me." He whispered in her ear. "Just me. You know me right? You know who I am right?"

"Mr.Holister...what are you..."

"She dosnt remember Haber...but you can show her..he's not here...make her remember..." Just a slight evil suggestion is all it takes to break a broken man.He could prove to her...that she was meant to belong to him...she was his to care for, his to clean and his to love.  

He removed a rope he had used to climb out of the bathroom window, and quickly bound her arms. "She will remember..."

The End

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