Chapter 6Mature

Liam Avory- Age 6

Xian Avory- Age 13

“Mr.Holister!!” A small voice called from the behind the large wooden door. The police office was packed that day with thousands of police-men and detectives trying to finish and hand in paper work to mark the end of the Bolind sister’s Murder. It also happened to be Haber Holister, the Head Crime Investigator's birthday.

“Come in!” He called to the little girl. She came bouncing in, her black curls following behind. She got her small body up onto the table top and looked at Mr.Holister with her deep blue eyes.

Before she could open her mouth to speak, a tall lanky young boy enters the room, looking slightly sheepish. “Sorry,” he mumbles “Needed to pee.”

“No problem at all!” Mr.Holister mused as he gestured to the chair next to him. “Disgusting insestuous boy!” He thought Xian Avory sat next to his sister. He stared at them with loveing eyes of a practiced actor.

“So,” Xian looked at him with eager eyes, “did you catch the murderer?” He asked leaning forward, listening like a little boy did to pirate-fairy tale. 

“I did!” He said proudly, looking at Liam, “It was that horrid brother of theirs....wanted all the inheritance for himself.”  He tapped Xian on the nose, and gave a throaty giggle

“I knew it!” Xian muttered softly.

“No you didn’t, liar!” He thought to himself. He looked at Liam once again, “Is your brother a horrid little boy?” He asked. “Yes” He answered the question for himself in his mind.

“Nope!! My brother is better than the bestest!!” She plopped herself on her brother's lap. Xian grinned. Haber fumed, but he dared not show it on his face. If the fury did flicker in his eyes, The childeren were to young to catch wind of it.

“Oh ya!!” She yelped, jamming her small hand into her pocket. “I made this for you!” She had produced a small handmade bracelet, with blue and black beads, and wonderful colourful feathers. "Happy Birthday Mr.Holister!” She sang.

Xian quickly fished in his pocket for a small neatly wrapped packet, and handed it to the inspector, with a wide and innocent grin.

“Awe, you’ll shouldn’t have!” He patted them on the heads.

He saw the children out of the police office, contemplating whether it would better to through Xian under a bus and end it. The time wasn't right. Once he got back to his office, he took the small package in his hands, and tore the wrapping from it. It was a small booklet, which read, “World’s Greatest Mentor.” A twinge of guilt hit him.

“If only he was born to a different family.”  He thought as he held the book tightly, before throwing it into his waste paper basket. He took the little bracelet, and smiled,  tying the band around his wrist.

The End

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