Chapter 5Mature

Haber Holister was a young widower from Park View Street. He had lived for eight years with his handicapped wife, who in his eyes was as beautiful as the sun. He remembered the day her dark black ringlets began to look scraggly and her deep blue eyes began to turn to dust. That as the day she looked up into her husband’s black eyes and spoke her very last words-

“I promise, I promise you my darling, God will send you an angel, a beautiful little angel, who will care for you, just as you cared for me.” With that she passed onto the other world.

The next day, Mr.Holister heard of the birth of Liam Avory, daughter to his old college friend, Shimara Avory. He looked upon the baby girl being carried in her brother’s arms. It was remarkable, the striking resemblance between his passed wife and that tiny baby girl. From that day, he was convinced he had met his little angel.

He watched silently from the background as she grew older, as she slowly matured into a wonderful young woman, under the wing of her older brother.

That boy's arm constantly aound her, that boy constantly walking by her side 'that boy is your would be close to your sweet little cherub.” The devil spoke the words, and Haber followed. Slowly as he watched her grow, he became convinced that instead of an angel, Liam Avory was in fact his diseased wife. She had come back into this world to save him from his pain. That was his twisted and distorted belief, born of pain and suffering. 

He began to write her notes and letters, hoping to jog the memory of her past life, hoping to revive the passion he once shared with who he thought she was. Her brother was the only problem. He was in the way. He had to be disposed off.


The End

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