Chapter 4Mature

Xian Avory stood beneath the Velvet Sky, with the gun slung heavily in his hand. The sun began to glisten upon his blood soaked shirt. His mind wandered back to the moment he left the police station after waiting an hour to see Mr.Holister. That was the last time he was able to walk on the streets with his sanity intact.

 He remembered entering the dark, cold hall and soft whimpering sounds coming from the corner of the hall. He remembered flipping on the power, and scanning the room, to find in the very corner, his beautiful innocent sister, torn and broken, lying naked, whining softly on the floor. Her eyes once filled with joy and innocence were filled with fear and pain, and her soft pale skin was covered in dark blue and red patches. Her dark hair formed a tangled veil over her face. She shivered as she clutched the remains of her body. He remembered how helpless he was. He couldn’t do anything, but cover her in a blanket and sit with her the entire night, holding on to her hand tightly.

Doctors and medicine cureds her broken body, but nothing could cure her shattered mind. No matter how much he pleaded and cried, she wouldn’t speak, she wouldn’t eat. She just stared into the distance, re visiting and re living that night every time she shut her eyes, screaming and crying from time to time without warning.  

Every day, her condition deteriorated, every minute she grew more fearful, and every second, Xian’s mind was slowly being gnawed by his sister's insanity.

She grew thin, pale and week. Her lips became lean and white, her eyes hollow and dark. She refused to step out of the house, she refused to get off her bed, she refused to eat, she refused to sleep and she continued to fade away into nothingness.

On May 3rd 2005, while her brother was cooking her meal that he knew she wouldn’t eat, Liam Avory hung herself with the same rope that had bound her hands together that demonic night. Xian Avory stood at the door and stared at her figure hanging from the fan. He dropped the plates on the floor. His knees buckled and he fell to the floor.   

She left a little red book, in which she had only one name written on all the one hundred pages -

“Haber Holister.”   

That day, Xian Avory lost all sanity. The devil played his cards with great precision, and had all but claimed his prize.

The End

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